Jae Kwon
Jae Kwon
Feb 28, 2016 · 1 min read

This architecture leverages stake grinding

Tendermint utilizes no stake grinding. Stake grinding is irrelevant in Tendermint because it utilizes a deterministic round-robin algorithm that only depends on the history of the validator-set, and the height/round number.

…the process of changing data in a block to create a large number of new seeds…

Not sure what “seeds” is referring to.

Tendermint uses a deterministic depth-limited search to apply to a round-robin selection of the network graph itself

There is no depth-limited search, nor round-robin selection of network graphs. There is a round-robin selection of proposers from a set of validators. No graphs, no search.

Tendermint makes it possible to spoof the network such that all traitors are generals…

Citation, please. Not sure what this is referring to, but the application logic has control over who becomes a validator. And that can’t be spoofed, it uses asymmetric crypto.

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