Photo: David Shankbone/Creative Commons

SSeven years shy of her death, in 2009, novelist Gloria Naylor donated her archive to Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. The capsule contained her life’s work, from unpublished plays, letters, writing, and even a screenplay based on the unethical conditions of Parchman prison in Mississippi. (As Naylor was affixed to…

Rihanna on tour for Rate R in 2010. Photo: Jakubaszek/Getty Images

InIn the fight to reclaim herself as someone greater than a victim of violence, Rihanna used 2009 to mark her reinvention. It could be argued that her girl-next-door persona had concluded in 2007, when she exchanged her long honey-blonde tresses for a vampy, raven bob to coincide with the maturity…

Jaelani Turner-Williams

writer + moodring | voodoo: Billboard, Bitch Media, MTV News, Okayplayer, Vibe Magazine, Vice, etc. @hernameisjae

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