Weekly Journal: 9–29

1. What emotions do you expect you would feel (circle all that apply)?

  • Outrage at the board’s disloyalty to you, your parents, and the company
  • Fear at losing your family’s business
  • Shame or guilt at the thought of losing your family’s business
  • Sadness over the potential deaths of your parents
  • Panic and anxiety over how to handle this complicated situation
  • Confidence that you will be able to figure things out and prevail against the board
  • Paranoia over whom to trust
  • Worry over how you would make a living without your family’s business
  • Envy for people in this world who have not been thrust into such scenarios
  • Self-pity that you do not deserve such a lot in life
  • Concern for all of the people who work in your company, whose lives may be adversely affected what happens next
  • Other emotion(s) (please explain):

Before implementing any action in this scenario, I would first come into contact with my emotions. First and foremost, I’m unsure if my parents are alive or dead. These two factors determine different variations of emotions. From outrage, fear, and shame to sadness, panic, and paranoia. In the aspect of death, there is a certain peace that overrides the human brain during the grieving period. When someone is laid to rest, many of the emotions friends and family have(such as the ones I previously stated), are now nonexistent. There is something that tells a person in grief, that he who has passed are at peace. It’s almost like a green light causing everyone to move on. Once a person is laid to rest, its a domino effect of everyone resting (feeling at peace). In this scenario, my parents could be stuck on a deserted island or actually dead or so far much worse, and this is where the conflict of emotions come in.

2. Which three of these emotions do you believe you would find it most difficult to manage? Explain your choices.

Worry over how I would live without my parents, sadness over the potential deaths of my parents, and fear at losing my family’s business, are all things that I feel as though I would find most difficult to handle. Due to the fact that I’m more likely to react based off emotions, I may feel fear at making in prompt to decisions based off my feelings in that exact moment. What happens if I make one wrong move? I would find the sadness over the potential deaths of my parents to be something very hard to deal with. Personally, when I feel emotions…I thoroughly feel them, meaning I would be a emotional wreck. I don’t think I would be able to function as a human being for a while, let alone make executive decisions for a company. For example, when I experienced the death of one of my friends, I was unable to sleep, eat, or even shower. It was a very difficult time in my life and I couldn’t even treat myself to basic needs. I can only imagine what it would be like to lose not one, but both of my parents. Literally my everything, without them I have nothing, except for their business. In the midst of all this, I would somehow have to find the strength in me to step up for my parents. In the moment, the board would be looking for someone new to run the company, I would have to take all those emotions previously stated and turn it into courage, strength, determination, and domination.

4. Circle how easy or difficult you believe you would find it to carry out each of the following responses (very difficult, difficult, neutral, easy, very easy):

-Deliver a speech in which you speak bluntly about the ways in which you believe the board is not competent to run the company and is in fact greedy and/or evil
very difficult difficult neutral easy very easy

In the process of recollecting my thoughts and emotions, I would find it easy to deliver a speech to an assembly of the whole company in which I would explain why I’m qualified to run the company. It’s my rightful place to take the stand of being the head of the company in my parents place. First and foremost, my parents own the company therefore, I should be the next heir in line. It’s almost immoral to replace the head with someone without previous relations in the company whilst having someone that does indeed have it, in their place (AKA me). There is very little arguement that could be presented from the opposing side, also known as the board, that could possibly make sense. Other than the fact that my age or as they stated my “ incompetence and weakness” may play a factor in this, there should be little issue on choosing me as head. I have grown up around this buisness for years, meaning I have natural qualities in running a company. For example, my mother woudl bring home qualities of leadership from the workplace and apply it to our homelife. Things such as keeping in mind everyones opinions when choosing a place to eat, or even dividing chores up equally so not one person has too many tasks at hand. Not realizing it then, these are all qualities of a leader, something I never knew I was being prepared for.

-Call out individual board members by name on their greediness.
very difficult difficult neutral easy very easy

Addressing the fact of the board’s greed and immorality, would be very easy for me to accomplish. Due to the fact that majority of the board is interested in financial gain, I wouldn't directly address anyone by names but as a group. In my everyday life, I could be considered to be a confrontational person. I make it my priority to speak up on things that I deem to be wrong. Therefore calling out the board on not having leadership qualities would be fairly easy. In this scenario, the board will either take other the company themselves (with their immoral values) or completely sell out the company to the highest bidder. There are number of issues with this, number one being that you can’t run a company without having leadership qualities. That being the fact that they aren’t considering the dozens of workers who have dedicated numerous hours and hard work to bettering the company, would be left without a job in a split second if the business were to be sold. Adding to that, the board members don’t aren’t equipped enough to run the company meaning that the company will go down a numerous number of ways. For example, the company may go bankrupt or there’s a huge possibility that employees will quit due to the inhumane treatment that could possibly be caused by the board members and their immoral values. As stated in the text they “don’t care about any of the employees or even the quality of the fabric” . My question is how would the board treat the employees if they had full control over the company, without I or my parent’s input?

Physically threaten the board members yourself.
very difficult difficult neutral easy very easy

I am a very peaceful person so addressing the board would be quite easy. I could use force in the removal or changes in the stafffing but I coudle easily take a easier route in discussing these matters. I am a firm believer in peaceful protest due to the fact that I’m a religious person. Jesus never used force upon those who went against him. Even his own prophets turned against him, just like the board members in the business are turning against me, but the biggest thing Jesus used was peace. Everything is in God’s hands therefore, if someone does you wrong, then you let God handle it. It would be very difficult for me to take matters into my own hands in physically threatening the board members myself. There is always a time and place that we can make in our lives that words can be used to resolve matters. No one has actual discussions anymore.

On the first day of class we had a leadership conversation. We discussed our own personal beliefs in what it takes to be a leader. In many cases, a leader takes a journey that creates a message that their community needs to hear. I created my own personal message that I think my community needs to hear that states “sometimes you have to go through fire, to get to water”. Growing up, my mother used to tell me that saying all the time and I didn’t quite get it until I got older. In the worst of times people give up, and this is because when you’re in a tunnel that has so many negative obstacles, its harder to see the light at the end of that tunnel because these obstacles are now blocking it. This is where self-motivation comes into play and beliefs. I grew up in a religious household and the saying would be that, if I truly believed in God, then I wouldn’t have to worry about things not getting better…but even in the moment it was hard to see the light at the end. Although this is a cliche example, I had fallen in love in high school and ended up with a broken heart. In the moment I went through so many emotions for weeks on end. All in all, it made me slightly depressed, he didn’t want me anymore and that was that. Me being in that high school mindset, I didn’t realize that things could get better…I was living in the moment. I didn’t think I could ever move on or find someone else that I truly liked. In the end, I had to go through the months of emotions and depression in order to find my self-worth. The heart break that I had experienced was for the betterment of ME. Once I reached the light at the end of the tunnel or the going through the fire to finally get to the water, I came out with a entirely new mental that I never knew I needed. I knew how to protect my feelings, know boys real intentions, knew not to trust everything someone says, and finally know exactly what I deserve. That rejection was needed in order to excel my own being.


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