By Kevin Cobourn, Nick Hecht, and Jody Arthur.

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In the first post of this series, Adobe Experience Platform introduces Digital Experience Blueprints — a whole new way to learn and understand how you can use its technology to build incredible customer experiences. In this post, we introduce our second Blueprint, Web Personalization.

Web personalization with Adobe Experience Platform involves the use of Real-time Customer Profile segments enriched with your company’s data, Adobe Analytics data (optional), & Adobe Audience Manager data (optional) to personalize web experiences with Adobe Target.

While most brands can offer personalized experiences using behaviors tracked on a single device, it is far more challenging to deliver them across each web-enabled touchpoint a customer may use across devices. …


Jaemi Bremner

Experience Technologist. Developer Advocate for Adobe Experience Platform. Passionate about technology, architecture, fashion, and design. Twitter: @jaeness

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