Gambio’s AMA on March 31, 2021

Hosted by Jesus Estrada (Chief Operating Officer) featuring :

Felix Hoetzinger: Senior Advisor

Wolfgang Pinegger: Chief Executive Officer

Thiemo Antonczyk: Chief Technical Officer

Bartosz Wieraszka: Chief Information Officer

. Here we will be covering some topics related to the project so we can get updates and answers to our FAQs

-Jesus E: Felix, first of all, would like you to introduce to all of us the team and their roles in this project?

-Felix H: Let me first. start with a short introduction!

-First of all , I am very. happy to have you all here… We’ve been doing a lot of work during the last couple of. months and it is time to come out of the stealth mode.

-We’ve been receiving GREAT support from Jesus… and the complete team would like to thank him! Jesus built an impressive Spanish GMB support group/community and he works with our team as an admin.

-Another great supporter is Bartoz known as CryptoKing on this group… he is a marketing specialist and will bring a lot of value in our project the next month!.

-With the project merger of GAMB and GLMall we have now a great and experienced team for the next steps .

-Wolfgang and I share the Executive position:

Wolfgang- takes care of the marketplace section (GLMall)

Felix- takes care of Gambio in general.

-We will be. doing this AMA on the group and we will also make a FAQ list out of this… (this will be part of the upcoming website!)

-Jesus E: Is the team still the same. ? did Luis K leave the team? ( leaving you as the new CEO?)

-Luis left the team , he did a great job at the beginning but we decided to go in different paths , we stopped our work relationship but we are in good terms! We wish luis all the best on his further way!!.

-With the project merger of GAMB and GLMall we have now a great and experienced team that will help us on our next steps…

Wolfgang will introduce himself.

-Wolfgang P: Thanks Felix! I am the founder and owner of GLBrain which includes the marketplace GLMall. I am. Austrian and have quite some experience in every kind of industries… for more information about me you can always so to my profile on GLBrain and Linkedin.

-Felix H: We also have Thiemo in our CTO position… Thiemo please …

-Thiemo A: Thanks Felix , I am the CTO of GAMB. I am working on the IT strategy of GAMB , I also handle the decisions on the IT department ,Development and infrastructure .


-There are also a lot of skilled people on the GLBrain side… we will show them on the website. Developers, crypto specialists and. Ecommerce professionals working together with our team and GLBrain on our marketplace and all things around it.

-Wolfgang P: yes, there are 4 people totally involved in GLMall and the blockchain solutions of GLMall.

-Jesus E: Ok So now that we met this great. team and the roles can we please get a. major update of what’s been happening lately with the project/ token ,Tokenomics, Road map,How’s the integration going so far?

-Wolfgang P: we shall do 2 steps for the TE:

-first is all dealers who use the marketplace can pay their service fees with GMB and then get 20 % discount. Integration is almost done and we can start mid Q2

-second is to build a system where buying and selling can be done in GMB on GLMall. This is a very complex solution which needs to cover also transaction fees which normally for smaller purchases are too high. We have the solution for this and shall implement all latest beginning Q3 2021

-and we are totally safe from competition. We have applied for a patent, I can give the link to all who are interested:

-For those who want to see just a small video please here it is:

-Felix H: Thanks Wolfgang… your team is doing a great job here!

-We will provide you with a chart … this will be also shown on the website , Everything that we are doing in TE will be done to bring more and more value and utility in the GMB token.

-Jesus E: Can our partnerships promote the token ?

-Felix H: Yes and no…. the US tec companies have problems to promote crypto tokens directly… but we are in discussions to promote the marketplace as a sales channel for the merchants. Bart and Thiemo will put this in the content section of the website!

-Wolfgang P: We have an unbeatable technical advantage this shall make marketing of the solution easier.

-Jesus E: Something very important!, please. update us on what is happening with the hacked tokens?, are you going to burn them? , is the swap going to happen? , maybe we do a hard fork ? The fact that etherscan shows that our top holders is “KuCoin Hacker” for sure scares away a lot of potential new investors, that in particular makes people think the company is not trustworthy.

-Felix H: You are right… at the moment nothing worse can happen… because we blocked the hacked. tokens. on Kucoins. side…

we. can also do this by adding. a 2nd or 3rd exchange… but. if we plan to join. Uniswap, we have to solve this!.

-We are in ongoing discussions with kucoin, they have to pay for the swap and. this costs them between 500k-1M USD… thats why the discussions are a little bit longer.

-This will be solved as soon as possible …. no one has to worry!

-Jesus E: I’ve been asked if we’re going to update our website or create a new one? If that’s the case(creating a new website) , are we keeping both websites? is everything that’s being said here going to be updated on the website/ social media ?

-Felix H: the old GMB website will be gone. we will have a new website with all links… contents and, like I said , everything that’s being said on this AMA will be on the FAQ list.

-Jesus E: Is the team holding GMB tokens ? What’s the lock up periods?

-Felix H: The team got tokens in the time of the ICO! Luis for example owns 50k token…. unfortunatelly for him , they are the lost for ever… the keys are gone.

-the complete teams hols about 8% of the supply

-you will see an big TX the next days…. 300m token will be shifted from one wallet to another , this is part of our merger with GLMall

-BUT!!! No one of the team is going to sell tokens ….. we expect a much higher price and will keep them. I personally baught a lot of token in the last weeks at kucoin… and everyone that wants to sell their tokens , private message me to do so…

-Jesus E: Will there be a wallet for gmb? Anyway to buy gmb from gmbs wallet?

-Wolfgang P: Integrating GMB in the GLMall Marketplace for payment will of course integrate a wallet

-buyers and sellers need wallets otherwise it will not work and transactions will be too expensive

-Felix H: We have a great crypto team working on this part of the story!

-Jesus E: Can we do an airdrop ?In case we do. , would the ICO addresses be automatically included during the drop or would we need to do something to get airdrop tokens?

-Felix H: We are not sure of. it at this point….. there are. advantages and disadvantages

-if we do an airdrop … all ICO investors will be included for sure!

-normally the problem of an airdrop is that you see a dump soon and the TX fee for doing this is expensive

-a serious project should start with the utility…. what i see is a bounty for helping the project having success!

-Wolfgang P: For me it is not the time for an airdrop as we are allowing GMB to be used to buy things and services on GLMall and GMB has a real use case as one can purchase in the real world so I do not see a point in free giveaways…!

-we better allow discounts to the merchants coming on GLMall if they pay with GMB

-Jesus E: — – (Wolfgang) is it possible to add nft marketplace in glmall?

-how do you stop scammers from scamming in a decentralized e-commerce?

-Wolfgang P: Yes.

GLMall shall be also a marketplace for NFT’s, and will create a new product Category NFT.

Here we shall integrate large NFT Marketplaces or everyone who wants to sell his Product he created an NFT for will be able to publish his NFT and link to where it is traded.

-We have a solution including smart agreements and a totally safe order execution run in GLMall

-Merchants may offer their products from their own online shop in GLMall or create thier small own onlineshop. Execution will be from their online shop. But if the merchant wants to sell with GMB it can only be on GLMall

-Felix H: the big USP of GLMall btw is the “shortcut” solution…. you can sell WITHOUT having a Shopsoftware running on your side… for smaller merchants this is a “rockstar” solution.

-Jesus E:There has been a statement about token burn & then a buy back in previous AMA. What’s the update about that, please elaborate

-Felix H: burning the scammed tokens is one of the solutions we are discussing with kucoin…. in this case they have to buy back a large number of gmb on the excange..

-In any case, this scamming will at the end be a boost of GMB… and we are sure that not only the wallet of Luis is “lost”…. the real supply is less than the 5bn …

-Jesus E: How’s the marketing looking like? Now that you said we are ready to get out of stealth mode , does this means we’re finally ready to be loud ? Is. Bartoz. going to help with this from the OFFICIAL social media accounts?

-Felix H: we are getting louder and louder. the first step is the website…. right after. we will feed the social media … Bart is a real great help here!.

GMB and GLMall is a little bit a typical German/Austrian project…. incredible great engineering….. but not loud enough

-Shopify is an great company with a market cap of 140bn USD…. this integration is a game changer.

-Wolfgang P: GLMall offers a simple online shop for those who have not many articles and do self marketing without logistics and Payment system.

We use this already to integrate online shops based on other technology not Gambio. The users can create a GLMall online shop and create products on either product or category level so to link to their online shop.

We plan to integrate more online shop software providers within the next months.

Already Shopify is signed and we shall integrate within Q2 2021.

Also a spanish software provider is interested.

-The more Merchants we get the more products we get and the more marketing will be just from using the Marketplace.

-We shall be loud already within April in Germany and Austrian press. We signed today already agreement for professional press releases to be published in all mayor news.

-Bartoz : Thank you Felix for the nice words. I have 12 years experiance in online marketing so I will help to find the best way to make noise about GMB and GLMall !

-Wolfgang P: we clearly. need to advertise GMB a lot more more , but our real capital for the GMB TE will be the merchants and the buyers using GMB for their business

-Felix H : What we see now is the 2nd level of crypto projects …. in the big ICO bubble it was most important to TELL big…. and a lot of projects failed. Right now. Product and Utility is Much more. important!

-Jesus E: Well , from my side I would like to thank all of you for giving such amazing and detailed answers for us !! , also thanks to all our great investors and their questions!!!.

*Important information*

-All partners that are listed are deeply integrated in the GAMBIO system and. aren’t just some only some. APIs … for example, we are working with facebook and google for integrations on our system.

-go to … open a 14 day free shop and check it all out

-I had a video call with google Europe partner manager last week all this empowers the merchants to have more sucess and to push our market place

-The New website comes out around the. next 14 days….

-Social media End of April

-The hacked tokens will either be burned or the swap will take place(I’ll make it clear in the next couple of days) I will reach Kucoin to get this statement

-Kucoin did not expect the 10x in the last weeks and before that rise , the cheaper option for them was to buy the Hacked tokens back(not anymore)

-We will provide a private staking and are discussing to make this happen with a staking supplier

-we dont plan to burn tokens except of the hacked ones

-Jesus will collect all new questions for the next round on our. telegram Communities

. !!!!!thanks to all supporters!!!!!

Felix Hoetzinger

Wolfgang Pinneger

Thiemo Antonczyk

Bartosz Wieraszka

Jesus Estrada

March 31st , 2021

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