3 Non-Financial reasons to be an entrepreneur

I think the most obvious consensus from the general public on why people become entrepreneurs and start businesses is the MONEY. Is it rational to believe people start businesses for the money? Well, if money is the case, why are there not more entrepreneurs in the world? The answer to that is so simple. RISK!!! We as people fear what we cannot control. Entrepreneurship is one of the most uncharted waters that anyone can venture into hoping to find Treasury Island. So if you do not fear the risk, I think you might actually make a lot of money becoming an entrepreneur. That is only if your patient (1-forever years, cause it might not happen), have a great product or service (hoping the conglomerations don’t cheat you, by creating a similar product) or you don’t fall in the 90 percentile of start-ups that don’t make it to year 3.

Luckily for me, I’m not in it for the money. Don’t get me wrong, the money is a reason that I take the chance at entrepreneurship but it doesn’t make my top 3. I have always believed if you chase your dream than everything else will fall in place. For example: If I dreamt to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, worked hard, had the necessary skills, got a full ride to college, picked number one overall in the 2009 draft and guaranteed 42 million dollars; then the money and success are the natural by-products of me fulfilling my dream. I did not have to chase the money, it fell in place with my dream. So, my top 3 reasons for being an entrepreneur are:

1. Passion- I have a strong and barely controllable love for everything business. I constantly envision the way that I would develop companies that will solve the problems that I see in certain industries. Because I cannot be everything at once or the means to all things, the publishing industry has sufficed my need on starting a company that will solve so many of its problems. Having a passion for something is what makes life, truly worth living.

2. Challenge- If you’re as competitive as me, then you live on challenges. Its what makes life exciting. Nothing is more rewarding than accomplishing a challenge. Accomplishing a challenge proves if you put your mind to something, than you can do it. I believe I can do anything I’m willing to do. I live by the mantra and notoriously known for quoting “Where there is a will, there is a way”. I like to think big and outside the box or realm for the most part. So, if I was willing, because it goes way beyond wanting to challenge myself to beating LeBron James in a game of 1 on 1, then I believe I could do it. However; I would have to be willing to do all the necessary hard work in order to accomplish such a challenge but would do it, if I was trying to accomplish such a thing. (It starts with the confidence)

3. Opportunity- Most people do not take into thought of how the opportunities we pick throughout life, set us up on the path of being remembered or not after we’re dead and gone. Its a testament to you being a great human being and have contributed to what the world is, if your name lasts positively throughout centuries after you’re dead. President Obama took the opportunities to become the editor in chief of the Harvard Review and a grass-roots organizer when he could have went in another direction. Those opportunities that he chose to take have led him to a status that will never be forgotten. I only hope the opportunities that I have chosen and will chose in the future will lead me on a similar path of being remembered throughout history

These three things define how I approach many situations in life. Through opportunity I challenge myself to be better at my passion. If not, I would end up like these guys.

Originally published at cultivatedguy.tumblr.com October 1, 2012

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