Eureka!!! I have an idea.

I know as entrepreneurs we tend to think, we have that idea that is the best since fire and we’re going to make billions, millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars off of our idea. This week I have truly learned, ideas are a dime a dozen. No matter how good or great, you’re probably not the first one to think of it. Yes! That is right, not the first. I would bet, 9 times out of 10 someone probably thought of it before you but just didn’t put it to action and someone before them. (this example could go on all day, so we’re going to end it here)

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking if that is the case, nobody has thought of anything. That is not the case, and if I was a mathematician or statistician, I would love to get the numbers on this right, but I’m not nor am I going to take the time to research such an idea that I know someone else has thought of. So, I’m going to give you the Jaeson Brown round figure that makes sense to everyone or at least to me.

OK, I mentioned before, that 9 times out of 10 you have came up with an idea someone has already thought of. For every 1 new idea out of the 10 there are 9 variations of it that spur into multiples leading into millions of ideas based off one conceived notion. What I’m saying, is that majority of the time, your idea is the by-product of a true new original one. That true new original one does not have to have already been put in action. However; that does not mean it hasn’t already been conceived in some other variation. We’ll never really know that but who really cares. It’s about getting your product or service to the market first and building off of your innovation.

All things today are spurred off of a variation of everything yesterday. What I’m saying, is that your idea is just a modification to a previous of the past. Social networks have been in play since the beginning of time. People have always chosen the type of people they prefer being around and sharing information with. American football use to be what the world knows as football. Google was the yellow pages. Phones are written mail and to take it a step further, written mail replaced verbal communication. If I could write you a letter, I didn’t need to travel to you to convey the message. These examples are all by-products of great ideas modified to seek a need and cause a change. That sounds like innovation and in all essence, it probably is.

I think I got something here with this idea on ideas but I know its not the first idea on ideas. So, I’m going to stop but post this idea and come back to it when I have some more in depth knowledge on ideas. I won’t use the i-word no more for the remaining of this post. But rest assure your will here from me again regarding _ _ _ _ _.

Originally published at May 5, 2011

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