Your Efficiency Level — Lets learn from LeBron

I love for articles like this; which is a must read to get context to this post.

The Evolution of King James — How LeBron James Transformed Game to Become Highly Efficient Scoring Machine.

I was just talking with my friends, on how it seems like LeBron realized that he can be unstoppable; which in reality and from this article, means he’s more efficient. When you’re efficient at anything, it always looks like you’re dominate and at times unstoppable. Take Apple for example: During 2007–2011, they were on a run where we all thought the world would be iEverything.

I think finding your efficient level is the key indicator to someone or thing looking unstoppable once in motion. Meaning, once your startup is off the ground with a business model and making money on said business model, your next step is to find the efficiency level for which you best operate on. This includes all aspects of the company, not just sales. LeBron is an efficient scorer but also an efficient passer and defensive player. It wasn’t until all things were working together and not in isolation, when people were like “WOW!!!, I think he figured it out”. So if sales and everything else are booming but you have a very inefficient product development cycle, you will not be at your peak performance level. VentureBeat had an article about Tibco; which details them about having great technology and a rocking culture but a sales missteps didn’t allow them to get to their true efficient/ peak performance level ( This seems like the problem with Apple now. They don’t seem to be as dominate and unstoppable as before; which could be by design but I doubt it. The management shakeup and recent hiccups with Maps and Siri, shows that Apple is not as efficient as it once was.

I believe when your efficiency level is found, you take nothing for granted. As LeBron mentions is the reason he has transformed into the player he is now. When you work at being great and the best you can be, you find out who you are and what works the best. You also find out who you are not and what doesn’t work. You exclude what you’re not and what doesn’t work from the equation and focus on the variables that work for you. Only you can stop you, once you find your efficiency level that gets you to peak performance.

Originally published at March 30th, 2012

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