opencv version problem in ROS

Today is 2017.10.19
If you install ros-lunar, the version of the opencv is 3.2.0 not the 3.3.0 which is the newest one today. opencv 3.2.0 is also installed together with ros-lunar. Though you installed opencv 3.3.0, your ROS will import/include Opencv 3.2 not 3.3

I recommend you to check the opencv version while running ROS.

I tested this solution for Ubuntu 16.04

Step 01.
type the following command in your terminal
Then you can see the result below 
>> /opt/ros/lunar/lib/
My solution is to erase the file which is the directory above

Step 02.
For me, I download opencv3.3 and build it in the directory ~/opencv-3.3.0/build/
I added the directory to the $PYTHONPATH then the ros-lunar load opencv3.3.0 not 3.2.0.
You can add the directory ~/opencv-3.3.0/build with bash. Type the command in your terminal.
>> vi ~/.bashrc
And write the command as below.
>> export PYTHONPATH=./opencv-3.3.0/build/lib:{PYTHONPATH}
Close the terminal and open the terminal. Then it will works.

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