When the COVID19 pandemic was announced, the ‘Work from home’ (WFH) model was quickly introduced, and many of us were pleased. The whole idea of being able to work in PJ and waking up five minutes before work starts seemed great. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love getting extra sleep, and not worrying about the morning commute?

Now, it’s been three months, and we realize that it is a little different from what we initially thought. Recently my client said at a session, “I should be thankful for having a job at this kind of time… but I am seriously…

As I am writing this, it is getting close to the 14th week of quarantine due to the COVID19 pandemic. Many of my clients, friends and family members struggle to get through a difficult time. At the same, I started to notice that some struggles more than others, feeling tired, irritated, and depressed. Well, it has been a difficult time for me as well. I am an outdoor person, and staying indoor, working and living at the same space has been challenging. …

Jaeyell (Jae) Kim, MSW RSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist in Toronto, ON. (www.jaetherapy.com)

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