Lent Day 5 — Lent aka “Epic Fail”

Remember on Thursday when I wrote about how some others have spoken of what Lent is? Well that quote about being able to call Lent the season of epic fails, I lived right into that one very quickly. I thought about what to write on days three and four and yet I didn’t get around to it. I reflected on many things but I didn’t quite know what to write about and had very late nights so I simply didn’t get around to the writing thing.

Much like my simply running out of time for writing many don’t make time for faith and faith practices, for some its not making time or space in their life for regular spirituals practices while for others its not even making that time or space for church. Before you think I’m saying these things to shame understand that I speak of these particularities because they are my own faults. I have been and even to this day find myself on the list of those who don’t make enough time and space for their faith life. This is part of my method behind wanting to blog daily. If I am setting aside this daily time then I am being devoted to this faithful living thing and hopefully picking up the practice for Lent will carry on into life going forward.

In deciding to start writing again today I had to acknowledge that if I am writing as a devotional practice then I have to treat failing at this practice like when fail in my relationship with God; I needed to keep trying, to start again. With God our relationship is not about me being perfect but about continuing to work toward right relationship. So today I start again. Today I state my own faults and acknowledge that there is something in this practice worth pursuing even when I have failed that it is worth continuing to try because there is something good and lifegiving about this practice.

Surely I tell you, God does not care that I have failed but delights in my continuing to move towards Godself. God does not care how many times I fall down so long as I continue to get back up and continue my pursuit. God does not want us to be perfect but to strive for perfect relationship with one another and Godself. This relationship with God isn’t one I do right every day, it many never be something I am good at, but it is about the journey and not the destination. It is a win for me every day that I am a live because it is another day to continue to try, to experience the presence and magnificence that is God in the world.

I give thanksgiving for a never failing God who accepts me in my multitudes of failure. For a God who continues to love me no matter how frequently our relationship is about my needs and my need for forgiveness, because I do better to transgress than act righteously and worthy of the name “child of God”.

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