Pain, Sacrifice And Me

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” 
Santosh Kalwar

Every Successful person has a painful story.

Every painful story has a successful ending.

Accept the pain and get ready for Success.

Some scenes occur in our life that are unforgettable, and they leave an aspects for us to understanding those failure or panic conditions to mange our self. Prepare our self and handle those with doing some special that is better for ours.

After completing my Matriculation exam, there is no Intermediate collage or academy for my study. That was the panic condition what Should I do, as my family was not in condition to send me city for higher education. As my elder Brother also doing study. When you think positive Allah give you opportunity for that. I have done my Intermediate exam from Multan board. After that financial pain live with me. But I face and sacrifice my timing and studying in Faisalabad at BS software Engineering. I face these difficulties to joining academy school, home tuition and applying scholarships also.

Pain that I faced give me a success that now I have completed my Graduation from Pakistan top ranked University. Nothing is impossible, Do effort and work hard.