Sharing Tips With Professionals and Exploring the Life of purpose

The sense of moving forward in our working lives is important — it motivates and inspires us. Some professionals like to move up the career ladder as quickly as possible, while others want to experience new and different things from their careers. Whatever you feel about your career progression, being able to convey this — and feeling comfortable about communicating your thoughts to your manager — is pivotal when developing and shaping your career.

I met with working Professional and also one of from my Mentor list name Sir Khurram Zeeshan. He is so nice person as I have concerned with them all about my career any time when I needed. Like this activity to perform and sharing with them Sohail Sb tips, that was much interesting and beneficial for me to discuss these tips and give feedback from them. This activity also create a good relationship with them.

Three tips which I discussed with Khurram sb are:

Tip 4: Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

Tip 5: Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss

Tip 6: Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

When I asked First tip Put your time in: He explained this in a positive way and suggest me to like you must consider timing and follow the policies of organization. How much you have vision to do work, and which expertise you implement in your practical work. His sharing concept like any organization or company which hire you they give work from you in that category.

Tip like don’t talk badly about company or about boss, He give me a mirror about realities by explaining the value of Company and Boss. You must be positive during your work. I your Boss has unnecessary qualities, and behavior of Boss is rude like then you informed to higher management they must solve this issue.
“ You are the servant of Organization, not servant of Boss”.

Another tip that is take control of relationship with your Boss and teammate. The feedback for this was really interesting and learning.

It all depends upon you what you do, how you make relation. You must be hard worker during you job, which task assign you give maximum time to make shining . You have steps which to move forward, if you work hard and give proper time then you be move to next and near to your Goal.

You must try to make relation within organization with your Boss and teammate. Try to spend at least one hour with Your Boss or make program for dinner. Don’t be shy with your Boss this way drop your image. Lat thing that he suggest me try to speak truth in all cases with your Boss.

Life purpose of the people in your Network

These five points show the life purpose of the people in our network.

Life purpose is the starting point of life
Clarity on important vs. unimportant
Live a life of direction and meaning
Constant drive and passion
Achieve success (in your terms!)

Life of purpose general discussion I asked from Sir some personal and his life relevant questions. He elaborated in a positive way. He saying every one has life purpose and this quit different from one to another. To achieving goal I also have passed the panic time, through which I don’t loose hope and at least I succeeded. He have passionate to burdened some that occur in his goal.

The time which I have discussed with Khurram Sb, that is amazing and learning for me.