The One thing thats stopping you from taking Action!!!

What if I told you there was only one thing standing in your way to take action towards what ever it is that you wish to achieve. Only one thing that stands in your way to realize your true potential. This may sound like some kind of an Internet Gimmick but its not. What I am about to share with you is extremely simple but very powerful information.

Ask your self the same question, what is it that stops me from taking action ? It is your “BELIEF”. How come ? Well I will explain that in a bit.

Consider this. Suppose you want to loose weight. You have been searching for many different diets and workout routines and cant really make up your mind on choosing one. Then a friend tells you that he has been following a particular diet and workout plan that is just brilliant. He tells you that following the plan for only a few weeks has yielded extraordinary results. You would certainly be motivated in following the plan and taking action just because now you BELIEVE that the plan would surely work. So now you start following the plan and are really inspired to take action. You do what your friend has told you and really want to get the same results your friend has got. But a couple of weeks in to the program you tend to see that the action you are taking is not yielding the results you had hoped for in the beginning. Your action starts waining, further affecting the results you are getting. That in effect, affects your belief system further and you get caught up in a vicious downward spiral of disappointment. On the other hand if your belief is strong that your actions are going to bring about change and get you healthy and fit, you continue to follow your plan in fact you keep improving your plan of action everyday and in due time you start getting results that encourage you even more. Ultimately you not only get to your fitness goals but you are also full of Self Belief and confidence as a result.

You have to realize that your BELIEFS are so powerful that they can really affect your reality. There are no two ways about it. There are countless examples where people have made the impossible happen, when no body gave them a real chance of getting through, they did.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, born in a small town in Austria, without even having the basic amenities of life what to talk about a proper gym for training. He started bodybuilding at age 15 and became Mr Universe at age 20. He went on to become seven time Mr Olympia. Even after his body-building days he continued to believe in him self and became successful in every field he ventured in to. The only thing that made him overcome all those life hurdles was his belief.

Steve Jobs had a difficult childhood, dropped out from college, was fired from the company he founded himself, yet he became the man who has changed the entire technological landscape with his ideas. How can someone with such difficulties in his life achieve so much. You can think of a complicated answer to that question but if you want to state it in one line it would come down to his strong belief in himself.

I want to put a ding in the universe. Steve Jobs

I love the story of Sylvester Stallone, and how he stuck it out. He was broke, divorced, without having a real job. Literally living on the streets. He always wanted to be part of the movie business and never gave up on his dream. He got inspiration from a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner. After watching the match Stallone, went home and wrote for 20 hours straight to complete the “Rocky’’ screenplay. Which would go on to become one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. Stallone went to various producers to sell his script with the intention of playing the lead role but no one agreed. Two producers became interested in the script and offered 350,000$ for the script to Stallone, but they did not want to cast him in the lead role. An agreement was finally reached with Sylvester Stallone for 50,000$, with him being cast in the lead role and some share points in the film. The film grossed at 225 million US$ around the world.

All the stories I have shared here are stories of complete belief in yourself, your abilities and that you would be able to achieve your dreams. It is a continuous cycle of reinforcement. If your belief is strong, your action is stronger as a result your results would be better and that would result in making your belief system even stronger than before.

If you believe that you are bound to fail at a certain thing, trust me you are going to do so. If you believe that you are going to get a certain job done well, you might as well ace it. How you can improve your Belief System and your thought process is a constant process which I will discuss in another article with you very soon.

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