Calibri is the new Comic Sans

I feel the need to comment. First I love Comic Sans — it looks a lot like my carefully acquired printing. 2nd — if I had a 2nd favorite it would be Calibri. Most of the other sans fonts look very pointed or awkward and harsh. The world is harsh — no use making our fonts that way. If there are other delightfully rounded sans fonts I would love them too. I absolutely despise every font that has all its drippy, ancient looking thorns and will only use a sans font if I have any choice.

One of the most delightful things about computers was the wonderful ability to change fonts, colors etc. Now mind I hate all those little icon thingys that Apple first came up with. I hate Apple products and was supremely happy with my DOS-5 on flickering green screen PCs. But once I had options my first task upon sitting at any computer was to change the screen colors and fonts and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on.

I am no youngster. 73 years old and have actually been designing fonts since I was about 10 years old. I spent untold hours of my life carefully making new alphabets — finding books with reams of them — copying them, embroidering them, knitting them, needlepointing them, filet crocheting them, tapestry weaving them. You get the picture. I am font insane and yet still I love Comic Sans. I think all this dissing of it is just churlish and snotty frankly.

Oh I can enjoy sharp ultra modern — it actually goes with one of my painting styles — just as I can enjoy that sharp pointy furniture etc that goes with it all. I can enjoy sleek all gray/black/sage color schemes and my favorite magazine is Dwell. But gotta tell you I hate it’s fonts.

When I come home it is to comfort — sleek but easy — lots of masks and folk art — nothing over or understuffed — small profiles — eclectic and wonderful fabrics and wonderful clear colors against clean white walls and to me Comic Sans is just that as well.

Isn’t it wonderful that we have choices?

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