“Where there is no vision, the people perish”

Proverbs 29:18

You can save and elevate your life with your inner vision, your ability to picture a better life for yourself and to pursue it.

Your idea of a “better life” may involve making more money so you can help your family and others . . . or simplifying your lifestyle so you can live on less money and have more free time. You may have an inner yearning to study or to travel the world or to establish the best company in the world or to retire to the mountains.

Your interests, desires, stage of life, and your receptiveness to God’s leading in your life determine your dreams. But until you dare to claim these dreams — to acknowledge them to yourself and to others and to rehearse them in your mind and heart — you will never get started. Your dreams provide the energy you need to move forward and keep striving to do and be your best.

Our life, did not come with any guarantees of success. The doubters can be proven wrong because they cannot measure the reach of our imaginations or the size of our hearts. Our ability to dream, to develop vision for our life and then make it happen through commitment and consistent effort, can send us soaring to heights beyond anyone’s expectations.

We may have exceptional peripheral vision, but our inner vision is even better — and over the long haul that’s what will really make the difference in our life.

I have heard many people describe their experiences in which they envision themselves reacting to a situation before it actually happens. Quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers often talk about seeing a play unfold in their minds split seconds before it happens on the field. Some of this comes with the repetitive training that athletes go through. They run plays over and over and over again in practice, and then we watch them on film. Those plays keep running in their minds even after they go home. I know at night our mind would keep running the games plays over and over until they became embedded in their subconscious and their responses on the field became instinctive.

Still, some of the things that have shown up on their mind’s inner big screen are difficult to explain. Our understanding of the human brain and its workings is still very limited. Most of us, if not all of us, have a degree of intuition, a so‑called sixth sense — the ability to see in our mind’s eye beyond what our own eyes tell us. We can work at developing this sixth sense. It’s a great asset, a gift of God, but only if you trust and then act on it.

Creating a vision for your life is an essential first step, but your dreams will live only in your imagination unless you pursue them purposefully and relentlessly.