Tech News Roundup — October 2018

The tech news and insights for leaders that you won’t want to miss. For October’s tech news round up, we have some deeper insights into Digital Transformation, a peek into Rockstar games, and some new developer tools that may make life easier for your development team.

Tech Insights for Leaders

Interesting advancements and insights for Tech Leaders

How to Transform and Build a People Platform

17 October / Arjun Sethi

An interesting look at how tech companies give their teams flexibility to innovate and perform better. In summary, you need to find the dependencies between your team and why they exist, and then rather than forcing a “right way of doing things,” give people building blocks.

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LinkedIn founder Explains The Most Important Challenge For Tech In The Next 25 Years

12 October / Nicholas Thompson

You expect the answer to be around nurturing coding talent, but actually it’s about building soft skills (written/oral communication, team building, leadership, etc) to take advantage of AI advances. And the trick is to build everyone up to have a base level of ‘digital fluency’ skills, as it’s more complex learning multiple skills at the same time.

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What is RPA? A revolution in business process automation

Julian Hamilton and Richard Horwood

RPA is Robotic Process Automation, which is governed by software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence to gather and interpret applications and systems data. It can give you quick wins for process automation, but to be done at scale, like any transformation program it needs to be embedded with IT and the rest of the organisation so expectations and impact can be managed.

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Cool Work tech tools

Tools to save you and your team time, and increase your productivity

The Google Cloud Developer Cheat Sheet

A comprehensive list of all of the Google Cloud products and online resources with concise and succinct descriptions.

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NorthStack is a managed application hosting built on a modern serverless AWS stack. Deploy vanilla or headless WordPress, Node, (Laravel coming soon), or static sites with ease. Pay-as-you-go billing independently meters CPU, DB, Data Transfer, and Disk while the platform elastically autoscales in a serverless environment.

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A workflow automation tool in GitHub

A workflow automation tool in GitHub. With an interface that will be familiar to anyone who has used IFTTT, Actions will help engineers run their workflows directly from GitHub. Summary — No more messing around with 10 different services just to get your code into production. Engineers will be able to automate time-consuming, low-level workflows and, as GitHub puts it, “Focus on what matters: code.” Just like repos, Actions will be shareable and discoverable.

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Apisentris is a platform that turns database schema into RESTful API. Apisentris is built with developer-in-mind. It makes you develop APIs effectively and easily although you don’t understand programming language.

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ApexCharts is an open-source modern charting library that helps developers to create interactive visualizations for web pages with simple API.

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Alternative Industry Insights

Interesting insights into technology to Level Up your knowledge

How smart cities are about to rock our world

24 October / Adam Beck

In summary, it’s about using IoT sensors to provide data to help with planning to ease congestion and emissions, provide better transport options and improve health and safety.

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Google’s take on Digital Transformation in Marketing

October / Gill Whitehead and Gerald Breatnach

Insights on developing a connected data platform to help drive effectiveness, including an easy to understand digital maturity framework. And an overview of multi-touch attribution, which will help better understand the relative contribution of each online channel to a given conversion.

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Here’s how you can painlessly integrate voice in your business

Andy Zimmerman

In short, it’s about building process bridges between various software platforms in charge of different services so that voice can give meaningful customer experiences, rather than simply being a gimmick. For example, if you could edit your Dominos order using Alexa instead of simply ordering.

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Tech stuff we love

We cherry picked the juiciest stories for you

Inside Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption 2

25 October

Aside from our quick lunchtime gaming sessions, we don’t particularly have time for games anymore. Nevertheless, this is an interesting peek behind the curtain of the most successful games developer, and how story telling is becoming more central to creating immersive experiences.

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Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet

28 October / Drew Prindel

An edit of the most unusual, ambitious, and exciting new crowdfunding projects out there.

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Looking for a good read? Here are the best, most eye-opening books about tech

21 October / Luke Dormehl

Sometimes it’s sensible to put down the gadgets and pick up a good old-fashioned book — to read about the latest gadgets, of course. But with so many tech-themed books around, which should you check out first?

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