A list of all TV shows I can discuss any time with you

I used to watch a lot of Television shows during my engineering course. I spent about 4+ hrs travelling and binge watching these shows. That is how I escaped those long monotonous train rides. I am also a big time fangirl who does a lot of “research” on every TV show she has ever watched. I make sure I know atleast 10 things more than other fans of the show :P. Anyways here’s the list of TV shows I’ve watched and fangirled about so far and can discuss with anyone anytime-

  1. Suits: Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen are my baes ❤
  2. The Big Bang Theory: This is the first every TV show I watched when I got into foreign television
  3. FRIENDS: A timeless classic, a story about a group of 6 weird, cool, smart, funny, good looking friends who everyone on the planet relate to ;)
  4. Sherlock: Literally the best show in the Suspense/Thriller genre. TBH, I have never liked any other version of Sherlock as much as I love BBC’s modern day adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation.
  5. How I met your mother: I adore this show and all the characters so much. It is like a modern day version of FRIENDS but it isn’t that. As I mentioned before, FRIENDS is a timeless classic. Nothing can top it. But HIMYM is very very close. I laughed and cried my entire last year of graduation with Ted, Barney, Lily, Robin and Marshall. I’d highly recommend this show. I love how detailed the timeline is from the moment we first meet our characters in 2005 to the moment in the future in 2030 when Ted is telling the story to his kids about how he met their mother/his wife.
  6. Modern family: I want to live in their houses with all the characters. Every single day of their lives is much more interesting than mine ever will be. Phil and Luke are my favorite fun father-son duo. I couldn’t stop watching it once I started. A+ in terms of humor. Highly recommended if you love sitcoms. BTW, I love their presentation format so much. MF falls under a genre known as ‘mockumentary’. I would like to explore other shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation in this genre as well when I get time.
  7. Narcos: This one was recommended by a friend. We watched it at the same time so that we could discuss. I ended up liking it and I am eagerly waiting for Season 3. This show helped me end the dry spell in my fangirling era. Now, I’m back and I am ready than ever to explore new TV shows and fangirl about them.

I am gonna keep updating this list as and when I start fangirling about a new TV show and I am probably sure I haven’t listed down all the shows I’ve watched and loved so far. This list will keep getting bigger. But for now, these are the shows you can ask me anything about and I will definitely reply.


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