Arjun Reddy

All those who are discussing, ArjunReddy is far better movie than Premam(Malayalam). ArjunReddy has sense of realism, better sound design and cinematography. It easily out performs Premam in every aspect. ArjunReddy provides the visceral experience which is seriously lacking in present films. SandeepReddy should appreciated for the gritty and bold portrayal of protagonist, you like him, you hate him, you sympathize him and the director didn’t try to take the audience into fictional cinematic world instead he showed the characters of reality. it’s what makes this film so impactful. SandeppReddy literally assaulted the so called conventional film making. The biggest compliment i can give to this movie is, i felt like watching an Andrei Tarkovsky movie.

P.S: Viewers has to remember movies are not to make you happy, comfortable or feel good and their main objective is to provide the experience which is not necessarily good.