TV Remote

It’s a phase that everyone should face in their life who has a sibling. Screen time in the home differs from age to age. But when your parents are not in home and that whole day 24 hours is a screen time. If you are with a sibling that screen time reduces to half.

One fine day my parents prepared breakefast, lunch and dinner. They said, they need to attend a wedding ceremony. It’s Bingo for kids who addicted to TVs like us.

My sister and I were 10 and 13 years old. We came to a pact that we share the screen time (two hours) alternatively. I utilized my time by Playing video games. After two hours, it was her time, I gave it politely.

From 2 pm onwards, my slot will start. Cricket match is on live on that day. I spent my two hours on watching the match and I requested my sister to let me watch for one more hour. She accepted it. After an hour she is searching for the TV Remote and she failed to find that. She cannot change the channel due to push buttons on the board is not working. Yes, what you are thinking is correct. I hide the Tv remote somewhere, where you cannot even guess. Now I am able to watch tv. After the match, I placed the tv remote on the dinning table.

Now guess, where I hid the remote?

still today my sister does not know where I hid the remote.

”I am telling you this secret, I hid the remote in the refrigerator. Please don’t tell her :) ”.