How to organize routes in Laravel

Jagadesha NH
Nov 8, 2017 · 1 min read

Well, laravel has a dedicated folder to keep all your routes at once place. By default it has a api.php, channels.php, console.php and web.php.

Imagine your working on a bigger application with multiple modules and 100s of routes!

Well lets get to organizing

so by default you have a folder called routes and create a new directory inside routes and name it api and inside api folder create a new folder and call it v1

Now you can put multiple files inside v1, for now lets assume we have common routes which are accessible to every one and a user routes which are accessible by the authenticated users and we have admin routes which are accessible by admin (user with role admin).

For this scenario we can create 3 new difference files inside our routes/api/v1 folder called common.php, user.php and admin.php.

Now our main api.php should include all the routes inside folder v1 with a prefix v1, so our final api.php should look like

Route::namespace('Api')->group(function() {

Route::prefix('v1')->namespace('V1')->group(function() {
include_once 'api/v1/common.php';
include_once 'api/v1/user.php';
include_once 'api/v1/admin.php';


and each of your route files inside v1 can have their own namespace and prefix for example, our admin.php would look something like.


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