2017: Flat M again, the new Medium Logo

Jagadish Thanki
Aug 25, 2017 · 3 min read

About the new Medium Logo update and review.


The newborn Medium logo is so newspaper’ic style, bold, sharp focussing, symbolising content/articles/blog.


The Newborn started growing as a well known kid, grabbing popularity!

And in this year, Medium logo updated from their old initial flat — “M”.
I was like what??? by seeing new update.
I do not like the 2D stuff (my point with no offenses).
And surprisingly green, oh! Holy! Lot of debates happened among the designers, enthusiasts, bloggers, writers but not Aliens!
It was so so hard to accept this change that time. :-(


I was expecting “M” again, and in this 2017, August finally it came to light.
This time I like the logo as it portrays/delivers the boldness of the content, Cheers!


While I’m cheering this new logo update, I felt something with this new one too but never mind. It’s my thought as a tweaker (ha ha) yes!

Wordmark M is different from monogram M. I dunno why? Any ideas?

The typeface used is NOE DISPLAY., a serif family.

I felt sharpness needed here & there — not here & there,
Here for M — monogram.

I feel like to have sharp edges because content have more keenness in this world with humans but I do not know how and what in the space with Aliens! My visualisation went funny with UFO shapes, lol!
Hope Elon Musk would know better through @spaceX

Over all, 2017 is better than 2015. Hope this logo update too become old as
“ Changes are the one that never change”.

It’s a major update for Medium, portraying Content is King., as said by Bill Gates., for that king crown is important as an identifier.
Crown would be the Medium, Cheers Medium Staff and EV .

Hope somewhere in space Aliens may be using Medium to blog.

Claps for Medium!

Written by: Jagadish Thanki
Design Showcase: Dribbble & Behance
Twitter handle: @jagadishthanki

Jagadish Thanki

Written by

An ardent designer with colourful visual experience, keen observer, leisure writer, music lover, I ❤ to visualize things beautiful for small/big screens.

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