Pool of Claps in Medium for Articles

Jagadish Thanki

Clapping 👏 feature from Medium to recommend posts from earlier way of applauding by showing favorite icon❤️.

A new way to react in Medium.

Clap, clap, clap…non stop, wait! No stop at 50!

Being a Visual/UX Designer., I like the new feature made by Medium.


I was trying claps and I thought reader can clap n number of claps…but the clap limit is 50 per post per head!

If it’s a gesture of appreciation with claps, How do I say Thank You? for the claps I received? Dunno how many claps I’m gonna get from everywhere.
Oops! My question would be funny though, But that’s ok, clap-clap-clap…

If we could capture the applauding level of sentiments for posts, we can push the habit of giving thank you? Well, Thanks Giving!

Any way Clapping shows how much you appreciated my story.


Written by: Jagadish Thanki
Design Showcase: Dribbble & Behance
Twitter handle: @jagadishthanki

Jagadish Thanki

Written by

An ardent designer with colourful visual experience, keen observer, leisure writer, music lover, I ❤ to visualize things beautiful for small/big screens.

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