Evaluating what I learned when I was teaching.

I am in a situation right now that I need to understand if I grew when I was teaching. I might not be teaching soon … taking a break, maybe.

So let’s start with a list of concepts I tried to include in my classes. Some were discussed shallowly but hopefully, the students (Diploma level) were able to find value in it. I will try to write about each them to help evaluate my understanding.

  • The Creative Process (and its variations)
  • Research Options
  • Buyer Profile / Persona
  • The Creative Brief
  • Message / Medium / Audience — Core of Advertising
  • Visual Elements Worksheet
  • Ideas Generation (including De Bono & Mood Boards)
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs in advertising
  • Advertising Appeals
  • Advertising Hierarchy of Effect & Communication Strategies
  • The Creative Taxonomy Templates
  • Game Design: 8 kinds of fun
  • Gamification
  • The Transmedia Bible (Writing Documentations)
  • Story Structures / Story Worlds
  • User Journey Map
  • Seth Godin’s — Tribes
  • Prototyping Process (Visual Elements)
  • Presenting Concepts/Idea
  • Anatomy of a Print Advertisement
  • Media Platform Evaluations (including Cost)
  • Ethics in Advertising
  • Testing/Quality Control
  • Responsive Design
  • Media Platform Evaluations