One of the biggest challenge faced by most of Telecommunication Service Providers (TSPs) is about integrating different back-end systems into a single set of standardised APIs exposed to its service consumers such as web/mobile applications, third party service providers and partners. WSO2 provides a comprehensive platform which helps the organisation to establish such a streamlined Digital Transformation Strategy while solving these difficulties.

Read my blog here to see how WSO2 platform can be used for a successful implementation of Open APIs in Telecommunication industry.

Digital enterprise deployments has become a vital factor for the successful digital transformation journey in any organization. With the increasing number of innovative cloud technologies, it is not a single or few options anymore to select from. Instead, there are hundreds of technologies can be used in development, deployments and CI/CD implementations. It has become more complex with the use of cloud based platforms and environments for deployments where it gives better user experience as well as cost benefits for the organization.

Even though the usage of cloud technologies rapidly grows, there are still some concerns in many organizations for…

Digital transformation is becoming essential for any organizations which expects to enhance their business values, explore new opportunities and performing ahead of their competitors in the market. There are several different integration methodologies, adhering to different architecture patterns. It has been more than a decade when the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) emerged into the industry. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), backed by SOA, became the most popular middleware pattern to solve most of the problems had with traditional monolithic applications. However ESB could not hold its position as the leading middleware implementation, when cloud based technologies, automation and the infrastructure has…

Microservices and cloud native deployments have become the most exciting topic in integration deployment space. Moving from legacy monolithic architectures, almost all integration platform providers, also started providing comprehensive solutions for cloud based deployments, after being demanded by organizations who want to focus on reduced maintenance costs, zero down time and faster customer on-boarding.

Services in Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture more focuses on building and deploying self contained services which provide specific functionality within the integration echo system. One of the biggest advantages of using Micro-services is that, these individual services could be started and maintained independently. …

Default behavior of JMS Transactions in WSO2 ESB/EI and Message Broker

When we use JMS Local Transactions with WSO2 ESB/EI JMS Inbound endpoint, we can roll back the message back to the source queue, if there is any error in mediation flow or target endpoint invocation. It will guarantee that the message will not be lost, in case of failure within the integration layer.

Refer this blog from Jena to get more details of configuring and using JMS transactional features with WSO2 EI.

By default, the message will be picked up by Inbound Endpoint and retry with the failed scenario…

In Part-I of this article, I explained the high level use case of the integration. Also it included the implementation of data migration ballerina services which will be used in this article. Let’s recall the complete integration again.

Figure-1 : Use case high level view

We have already implemented Data Migration Services within the previous article. In this article, Let’s go through other implementations required to complete the above integration. Figure-2 shows the detailed functionality of the integration and interaction among services.

The integration world is rapidly moving from Service Oriented Architecture to the latest, cloud based, micro-services architecture. Ballerina is a cloud native programming language which is specifically built for this type of micro-services integrations. More details about the background and its architecture can be found in Ballerina home page;

Step by step instructions to setup ballerina run-time can be found here. Good collection of basic ballerina sample scenarios are available here. Try it out and get yourself familiar on setting up development environment, building and running ballerina samples with services and functions.

In this series of articles, the aim is…

Jagath Ariyarathne

Solutions Architect with 14+ years of experience in design and development, providing solutions with Enterprise Integration Technologies, specialised in WSO2.

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