Tamilrockers Kannada Movies

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies — Kannada film industry is also known by two other names. Sandalwood and Chandanavana two other terms referred to Kannada film industry. It is said as sandalwood because of availability of sandalwood in abundant.
 Kannada Film Cinema is the fifth largest industry in India considering Bollywood and Telugu cinema at first and second position. As Kannada is mostly spoken in Karnataka and there are 38 million native speakers of this language.
 Kannada Movies are released not only in India but United Kingdom, Australia, United States, Europe, Singapore and many other countries. The place there are a consistent amount of Kannada native speakers, Movies is released there as well.
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 Some of the facts which not everyone knows about the Kannada film industry.
 The first Kannada movie was made in 1934 with a budget of Rs40,000.
 Kannada film Shanthi entered Guinness book of world records featuring only one actor.
 Shankar Nag was the first Director of India to go for underwater shooting.
 Rajnikanth debut movies was in Kannada Only.
 Some of the all-time hit movies in Kannada.
 Bangarada Manushya
 Naagarahaauvu (1972)
 Sangolli Rayanna
 Mungaru Male
 Kempe Gowda
 Eddelu Manjunatha
 Some of the well known Kannada actors of all times -
 Shankar Nag
 Puneet Rajkumar
 Anant Nag
 Ramesh Aravind
 Prakash Raj

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies

Tamilrockers Kannada Movies
 What we need to discuss is about Tamilrockers too that are ruining the Kannada industry as well including Telugu and Malayalam. They consistently release the pirate print of the movies as they are released. This effects the decrease in the audience who watches these movies in theatres, therefore declining the income and sometimes loss to producers.

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