How is it going?

Time to see how strong my will is.

Hmm..seems I ve got a nice start since my first blog where I listed a couple of actions I want to take in this year.


I´ve somehow managed to start reading on a regular basis and realizing how much did i missed it. Although I bought my wife a Kindle this past Christmas i´ve been neglecting it and that is really an anomaly since I love playing with gadgets. So last weekend I started reading Platform Scale and although is a pretty technical book I am really enjoying the kindle experience.

Amazon is never disappointing. If only had i bought shares when they went IPO.

In search of energy

Ok, it´s been a couple of weeks now that I started taking Green Superfoods and maybe its to early to say but I feel GREAT. See , green superfoods are much more than just taking salads and juices.To me it´s just impossible to have the daily amount of greenes and veggies that this supplement gives by just gulping juices. And then there is the probiotics and all the other stuff.

I know it´s working because I can really do MORE everyday than before and it´s not a placebo effect. It´s real and my proof is assuming I slept well the night before I dont need a nap after lunch.I can pull a nice 11 hours of reasonable performance against my previous 6 or 7 before collapsing.

Is it only the supplement? well maybe not since I am also cutting my sugar intake but I believe its helping.

Next step

I am really excited about something new thats on it´s way. I am going to try something else to complement my green superfood, It´s also a supplement and if my research proves correct it will improve my game a lot. Let´s see how it goes. Shit, all this is not cheap.

I am still way behind my Budo training and it´s frustating me. Have to work on this.