Let´s start

Ok so a new year is here.Great now I need to have a resolution right?

Well, maybe not. But since turning 44 a couple of days ago I have this need of making more , to accomplish things I want to do versus things I have to do. I guess I´ve realized time is the only commodity you can´t trade.

This choice brings me a feeling of satisfaction and joy that I know is a luxury not many people have. So I am going to try to enjoy this luxury as much as I can and i´ll start be making myself accountable by posting this list of things on the internet. Now I dont have an excuse!

These are not rigid goals or objectives but more a list of actions i need to do in order to feel good:

  • Read more. Not only in english and maybe give Kindle a chance.
  • Learn something new. Right now my top priority is Advance Digital Marketing but we will see. Something great is listening to podcasts while doing errands (great when walking the dog)
  • Write. It helps to clarify your thoughts, which brings us to this blog. (Thanks to Tim Ferriss)
  • Life Hacks. I want to try a few new things together with returning to old practices. Right now this list of hacks is way too long so I need to give it a hard look to focus on what is that I really want to do .


There is no hurry and all this actions should take place naturally however I´m placing a stop loss in7 days. This means I have 7 days to plan and schedule my actions. After that is GO!.

Good luck!

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