Desis In Ultra Miami Festival — Gentlemen Vs Jerk

My new friends Pawan and Abhishek

Last weekend I attended the world famous Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Like every person present there, I was thrilled too. For me, it was one activity off my bucket list. It was this heaven where I could dance incessantly not worrying about who’s judging. The crowd, the filth and the sweat smell reminded me of Indian markets and the rush hours in local trains. I got even more excited about seeing someone holding an Indian flag right in front of the main stage. I went alone to this festival. While trying to find a good spot among the crowd, I had to push people gently to move forward. The age-old elbowing trick came to effective use. I made sure I wasn’t touched wrongly nor my belongings snatched in the packed crowd. I was laughing remembering how one tries to squeeze into the packed Mumbai local trains. Others looked at me amusingly how I made my way ahead.

Ultra is attended by citizens from World over and of course, I saw many Indians. As I was passing through the jammed crowd most Indians let me through. I finally found a safe spot right across the stage and was relieved to be among our Desis. Most of them were very courteous and I laughed along when they cracked jokes in Hindi. This was music to my ears as I hardly have any Hindi speaking friends in U.S.A. The MC, BC words reminded me of Mumbai. I was having a gala time with the best of the both Worlds. Then, of course, you always find this one desperate lecherous Indian everywhere in this country, especially in clubs. A guy tapped my shoulder and asked whether I was from India and I proudly nodded. I asked him the same. Since its Miami, we brown colored Desis can easily get assumed to be from Latin/Caribbean countries. This Desi with ponytail looked like a ‘Wannabe Sexy Cool’. I smiled and got back to fist pumping to Martin Garrix’s music. Since dance and music are my vices I continued being engrossed in it.

Suddenly, this ‘Wannabe Sexy Cool’ guy groped me from behind and started grinding. I gently pushed him back and nodded negatively. This is the way most girls gently deny if a guy approaches them for a dance without asking their permission. I assumed the Desi got my message that I was clearly not interested in grinding him. (To Indian folks who don’t know what grinding in a club means you can google/youtube). The adamant lustful Desi didn’t give up and this time he held my hand, pulled me closer and started grinding way too closer that I could feel all his wrong parts. Well, he opened my third eye. I pushed him back so hard that the blow made him lose his balance and he almost fell on the guys standing behind him. The onlookers understood and didn’t get offended but they were hurt a bit because the Desi stamped on them. I apologized to them and moved to a different spot. The two Desis standing little farther had witnessed the incident. They offered to walk me further. These two Desis whom I later befriended are Abhishek and Pawan. They behaved as any gentleman would and made sure I was comfortable for the rest of the night. They turned out to be the person who restores faith in something you have lost.

This is not the first time nor the last time a Desi would act so desperate in international clubs. What most Indians in India don’t know that many (I don’t speak for all Desi guys) Desis when they arrive in U.S.A. they behave cheaply. Due to such despos, the gentlemen Indians have difficulty dating a non-Indian or dancing with a non-Indian in a club. Thus, the classy ones get stereotyped too.

I am sure if an American would have groped a girl in India it would be a front-page news and politicians wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to arrange a rally/Bandh or attacked Mc Donald. I am sure at some point some firang must have misbehaved with our Desi choris but here in the USA, you will find at least 3 out of 10 Desi guys misbehaving in clubs. This makes the American girls think that Desi guys only want sex from them and they repel the Desi Indians furthermore. If I being an Indian repel such carnal minds then I don’t blame the American girls to repel our Desi guys. I can bet many Indian born and brought up Desis had a challenging time winning the trust of an American girl when he wanted to marry her. I hope this article changes views of some Americans out here and refrains a Desi from acting like a sex starved animal outside India. I detest the lascivious impression they form which is not at all the only truth of Indian men. The other perception these Desis carry is they never apply deodorant. For God’s sake, I beg you please, please wear a deodorant. This is another reason girls deny dancing with our Desi guys and I don’t blame them at all.

All in all, the whole Miami experience was great. There will always be one rotten fruit in the basket but gentlemen like Abhishek and Pawan restore my faith repeatedly.

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