Abhishek Labhe


Well, I m not so religious but spiritual. Let’s start by why is mahashivratri celebrated. It was started by lokmanya tilak. He started the celebration of mahashivratri and Ganesh chaturthi festival during the independence movement. Gathering people and passing on the message of freedom made it easy as there was lack of communication and media during those times wasn’t so progressed. People would have fairs during these days and revolutionaries and freedom fighters found it easy to carry on their tasks during such gatherings.

Yes Shiva smoked weed. Weed is in bhaang too. If you Google weed is the best medicine one can have. If marijuana became legal the pharmaceutical companies would grow broke hence they want to keep this herb as illegal. Crocin, antibiotics, or any other pain killers have side effects but marijuana has none. You will never hear anyone dying or having accidents due to marijuana. Shiva in fact at non veg/meat as we call here. I m a vegetarian and don’t smoke weed nor cigarettes coz I can’t stand the smell but each to its own. I would rather have some one smoke marijuana than cigarettes n alcohol which I do drink. Just an opinion dear. …… n I broke my fast today lol. Forgot it was mahashivratri.

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