First thing comes to my mind reading the word Samsakara or more often called as Sanskar is all the…
Abhishek Labhe

sanskar is more than often related to the characteristics of a soul. you can give the best up bringing to a baby but then he still turns out to be a jackass coz that s the up bringing or characteristics of his souls that he has acquired through past births. a new born baby latches to his mom’s breast quickly coz it’s a sannskar he has learnt in past numerous births hence it comes naturally to him. sannskar can be one of the reasoning why a person btought up among cartels, thugs , ghetto can turn out to be a lotus in the puddle and a person born with a silver spoon n best up bringing and discipline with no harm can still turn out to be a rapist, addict, miser , mysoginist, murderer etc. sannskar is something very deep rooted into your soul that you carry through the births n that is the only thing one can carry to next births. that s why we say he was a good/bad soul etc. one wonders how did that person turn out so bad when his parents have done the best for him (by no means this means his parents spoilt him unnecessary). how we say she is a strong person even after losing her kids in a car accident n another turned to drugs. this difference happens due to sannskar (strength of a soul which again isderived from how progressive the soul has been in his past births in his spiritual journey) to a certain point; and then of course nature vs nurture has it’s own taking too. excuse me but i m shocked you know about sannskar as you don’t look Indian. it’s impressive.

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