Wish it was the Smoke Monster from ‘Lost’

After my dinner at a restaurant, I was walking down the street towards my car. Suddenly, I sensed a familiar shadow. I saw him and I immediately turned my back to him. I started walking in the opposite direction towards a dark alley wishing he wouldn’t notice me. I didn’t want him to confront me. It had been years since we last spoke but looking at him all the memories came back in a flash. I hurried my steps. Suddenly my phone rang which then sounded more like a blessing. I searched for it in my purse. I felt relieved to get that call so if I did run into him I could just be on the phone and excuse myself. The phone was dug underneath the purse. Ohhh us women and our huge bags filled with what not!! I finally got hold of the phone and slid the ‘answer’ button. I looked up and there he was standing right in front of me. I got numb, I didn’t know what to say. He saw my numbness and spoke, “Aren’t you gonna say hello?” But all I did was scream at the top of my voice, “mumyyyyyyyy” and took off as fast as I could in my heels and cocktail dress. Next thing I know I was shaken up and my friend said, “Jagesha!!! Again a ghost in your dream!!! I told you to stop watching ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Lost’ in your night shifts and we have to suffer because of you!!!!” I in an apologetic voice, “No, it was worse. He was my ex although I wish it was the smoke monster from ‘Lost’. Ghosts are easier to handle than your ex.” My friend just rolled her eyes and went back to sleep.