The all-new RadioPublic app is here. Learn about everything that’s new, and download the app for iPhone and Android to take a look around. Happy listening!

Since our launch of the RadioPublic app in late 2016, there’s been a whole lot of listening (by you and by us) and between all the building and iterating, it was time to overhaul the entire app. Everything we’ve created so far — every view, component, and button, everywhere — was touched during the development of RadioPublic 2.0.

Take a look around the app for iPhone, Android, and hop into any RadioPublic show page on the web by visiting to see the changes for yourself, and read on to hear our thinking behind the changes.

The new design was…

Lean back and enjoy hand-selected podcasts with just one tap

There are millions of podcast episodes you could be hearing right now, with thousands more being published every day. When presented with an overwhelming number of unplayed podcasts, it can leave us in a position where we will make no choice at all. We at RadioPublic think listening to podcasts would benefit from a more lean back experience, one that asks you to give up a little control and give into intentional serendipity.

What if, instead of presenting endless choice, we can actually deliver a better way to explore podcasts? …

In my experience working with developers, we are frequently making updates on the fly, refreshing our browsers and not seeing the changes propagate on the screen. We’ll go back over and over again and clear the cache and destroy the web data hoping for the changes to finally show.

But obviously I don’t want to destroy all of my cache / web data. It’d be awesome to just be able to dump the cache to the specific url or domain that we’re working in. All in a quick keystroke. It could be implemented through the already set options on safari or chrome for clearing the cache, but make it specific to the current page.

Et voila!

reposting from my blog

I wanted to get this out while I’m still a new parent and these kinds of things are fresh in my mind. I think it would have been refreshing to hear this perspective because there’s an overwhelming responsibility in our culture to overtly love our children. In a near fanatical way we are as parents expected to feel grateful for our offspring and to hold them up as the end all be all of our existence. That to me seems like a pedestal too high for most parents. Or at least people like me. …

Kyle Mitchell

Product designer, #JPEG maker person, music blogger @musicsavage, cyclist & parent.

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