You said you wanted to make beats?
What type of mindset did you mean?
What’s the vibe, the direction or impression you’re trying to reach?

Do you have some artists in mind that have that same sound when they speak? Something similar to the same crowd that you seek? Is a crowd all that you seek?

What about money? Wanna be financially free? Or are you clouded by greed; wants v. needs?

Perhaps the business side of things could use your wisest eyes so you can keep every nickel and dime and survive solely off the work you provide.

Are you a pro inside? Do you have that passion to switch it into overdrive? Fuck 9–5. Can you stay up all night? How many hours past 25 since the last time you closed your eyes?

What is it that you go for? I know you want more, but will you really go for it? Best better be best guessing correct or we’ll be buying things with cash that you’d be taking out loans for.

What is it that you want?
The goal you’re trying to obtain?
Is there a limit or are you addicted to being risen past the point you were permitted?

Can you envision a distance in a race with no finish? Can you be that difference in every track so that you’re the reason they even listen? Are you gifted?

Cos I was bored and I just scripted this composition and I’ve barely even begun to start commencing the messages I intend to give them.