Digital Marketing Internship — Day 1 with Deepak Kanakaraju

Jagjeevan Singh
Dec 23, 2019 · 4 min read

This is my first blog writing for my 1st Digital Marketing course.

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I am a Content Manager and always wanted to grow myself more into content and learn how we can attract end-users and make them buy something.

I always used to think about the ads that came up whenever I watch a favourite song on YouTube.

I used to stare at those different email campaigns from different unknown agencies that pop-up in my email box.

And the beautifully designed pop-up messages that came up on the mobile devices.

All these are possible with Digital Marketing.

So without wasting more time I joined the Digital Marketing Internship program by Deepak Kanakaraju.

In the 1st class I learned about a very important thing before you do Digital Marketing and that is “Communication”.

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Communication should be both ways in which speaker and listener both should participate.

What I am writing now is a communication but it’s a one-sided communication. When someone else will read my article and will take some benefit from it, or suggest me or comment me on something related to the article then it will become a two-sided communication.

Always have a habit to read and write daily on some topics to improve communication.

If you know where you want to reach you have achieved half the success.

Market needs always grow because every time you find a solution to a need, demand, request there’s another need that had just evolved for which you would want to find a new solution.

Some few words about global Economics

Country’s economy goes up when the average age of persons count moves up.

Economy goes down when the average age goes beyond 50 and daily spending goes down.

Economy grows when people spend more. Teenagers, newly married, persons with age between 25–50 spend more as compared to the persons with age above 50 years.

Debt, loans also bring money.

Digital environment

From door bell of your house to the Led bulb of your room, everything is digital and this will grow as we move on.

The products list will grow in the market and the need to market them will also rise.

With multiple competitors in the market a need will be how to sell a product more as compared to the competitors product.

Also the mobile device that you always have in your pocket will become a key, daily requirement to buy, sell and market anything in future.

Need for digital marketing agencies and digital marketers is going to increase day by day.

Integrated Digital Marketing

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Content is the father of Marketing

  • Content Marketing : Create content on your blogs, websites, social sites etc
  • Social Media : Share link to the content on your social site.
  • SEO : Once your friend starts visiting your content, search engines will know that ranking of your content and then drive traffic to it
  • Email Marketing : Build email list and drive traffic to your content

Selecting a Niche

Combination of talent, passion and market opportunities will help you to find your niche.

You have to dig deep into the market and explore the problems that market is currently facing.

The niche has to be an opportunity in the market.

If you are able to grab that problem and have a solution to it then it can become a Niche for you. You can create content for this niche and start content marketing for it.

Specialising and narrowing is what one need to follow with aspect to niche identification.

How to do market research

You will understand the problem well when you have that problem.

So after choosing your niche you have to do research in such a way that you actually are the end consumer of that niche product.

Breakdown a niche into sub niche and see how wide the market is and then work on a niche that you think will have a good exposure in the market.

Doing Keyword research

After selecting your niche do a keyword research to check what online community is looking for related to your niche.

Using online tools like Adwords, UberSuggest, Ahrefs, Moz can help you in this step.

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