Digital Marketing Internship — Day 2 (Knowing your Customer Avatar)

Jagjeevan Singh
Jan 2 · 4 min read

This is a brief about Day 2 of Digital Marketing Internship by Deepak Kanakaraju. There were a lot of key intakes before the main topic started. Please go through this 4 minutes read till the end to gain knowledge about your Customer Avatar.

What is Customer Avatar?

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A customer avatar is a very detailed profile of your ideal customer. The avatar focusses on one person and outlines everything about them. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorise people into groups. It drills into a greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools.

How to Define your customer avatar?

One can get his customer avatar by understanding the demographics and psychographics data of the target audience.

What is Demographics?

Demographics is the age, gender, location, annual income, marital status etc. of your target customer.

What is Psychographics?

Psychographics are the interest, likes-dislikes of your target customer.

How to get Demographics and Psychographics of your audience?

You can use surveys, direct emails, messaging, one-to-one talks to get the demographics and psychographics of your target audience.

I have used google forms to create a detailed form and shared it with my friends to get the details of my target audience. Its a free source form creation service provided by Google. Below is the link.

Key intakes from the class 2

Learn > Do > Teach

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Learn > Do > Teach

When you learn new things all the data gets stored in your memory brain and everything is mixed up. After each new learning have a habit to pen down what you have learned in a diary or word document. Share your thoughts with your friends who must be interested in the topic. Share your learnings through social media handlers via a post, video or audio. Look at the comments you must have received on the post. There may be some good suggestions, some new thoughts that your friends might have commented.

This way you are teaching someone who is not physically present with you but connected by digital medium.

Mistakes help you improve you in future

Don’t make mistakes your enemy. Instead make it your friend. You make 1st mistake, you learn your 1st way to to avoid things in future.

Marketing is actually a conversation

Marketing is all about good communication. Communicate with your customers as if you are directly talking with them. Be it by the way of Social media posts, emails, calls etc.

If you cannot converse well 1:1
You cannot converse well 1:many

To become a better communicator be authentic in what you convey to people. People don’t like fake messages. They like something real. Some people may not like when you be authentic but it’s ok. The people who will like your authenticity will be the ones who will give you positivity and bring you traffic.

More experience more better marketer

Talk to more people. Learn new languages, travel to new places, explore new things. Approach things that you are afraid of. Face challenges.

Who your audience is?

The audience for your niche won’t be everyone. You need to identify your audience. If you are assuming everyone is your audience then you are wrong.

Define the demographics and Psycographics of your target customer.

Connect with them using 1:1 communication. Everyone has a mobile with internet connection, which means you can connect to a single customer at a time by emails and messaging.

Follow the below mechanism while you communicate with the people.

Headline > First sentence > Second sentence > Third sentence

Headline will be an attention for the reader. The headline should be such that it should make the reader read the first sentence. First sentence should make the reader read the second sentence and so on.

My Customer Avatar using the survey (Eating Healthy Food) I created.

My target customer is from age group 25–34, they are mostly male audience and are from Mumbai. Their eating habits are average. Most of them have 3 meals a day, sometimes they eat junk food instead of a healthy meal. Water consumption of most of the audience is more that 2 litres a day. Based on the results I can create a niche to target my audience to provide services and generate revenue.


Once you know who your target customer is you can easily bring traffic and convert that traffic into revenue.

What Deepak Kanakaraju says is

Many people think that the biggest challenge in Digital Marketing is getting traffic.

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