DPS909 0.4 Release: Week 1

After finishing my 0.3 Release for my DPS909 course, I am now moving on to the 0.4 Release. The premise is almost exactly the same (make 3 contributions to both outside and peers’ projects), but I will try to grow and make bigger contributions and learn more.

As I did 2 contribution in classmates’ projects and 1 in an existing repo last time, I will do the reverse for the 0.4 release: 2 in existing and 1 in a classmate’s.


One project that I have started working on mozilla-eslint. In this project, me and some other DPS909 students are working to enable ESlint on Mozilla’s Firefox code. So far I’ve started on this project, and I’ve learned some things already

  • Working with Mercurial/hg instead of git. This is a version control system that is used by Mozilla. It is similar to git, but not exactly the same.
  • Mozilla-build. Initially I didn’t know to use this. The instruction’s I received initially made no mention of this, and I was trying to execute all commands in a regular shell. After asking for help in the group’s Slack channel I found out about this and was able to use Mercurial via Mozilla-build.

There are 2 steps of changes that must be made for the bug I am working on (enabling ESLint on a single directory): a set of automatic changes made by the linter, and then manual changes made by me to solve all errors/warnings thrown. So far I have gotten the project completely cloned on my system and have run the automatic tests. Next I have to figure out how to commit using Mercurial, and then make the manual changes.

In addition to this, I have to find 1 more external project in which to make another contribution.


I made a contribution to this project in the 0.3 release, but it was only for documentation. I am interested in learning React, and so this project has captured my interest and I am planning on contributing to it for this release. I’m aiming to have an issue for myself in the coming week.


So I have made some progress 1 week into the assignment, having started on the mozilla-eslint bug, and deciding on another project to work on. I still have to find another issue for my 3rd contribution.

Thanks for reading.