DPS909 0.4 Release: Week 2

This week I progressed on my 0.4 Release for DPS909. I spent most of my time working on the mozilla-eslint issue, and also found an issue to work on in GitHub-Dashboard. I was also busy with other things, which limited the amount of time I had to work on my Release.


I continued working on the ESLint issues. I have figured out how most of the process should go.

  • 1 commit for automatic ESLint fixes
  • 1 commit for manual ESLint fixes
  • Use moz-phab to make my “pull request”

I am still working on manual fixes, but have made progress. Originally I had ~270 errors when running ESLint, and by cutting out the easy issues (like no-undef), I have cut it down to about 50 errors. I’ve also noticed that my remaining issues are stuff that I’ve seen my classmates discuss in our Slack channel, so I have something to go off of when trying to solve these issues.

I still predict that there will be some difficulties I will run into when I’m down to just the few hardest errors, as seems natural with this kind of work…


I have also found an issue to work on in GitHub-Dashboard: Add eslint to project. This issue interested me as I had already worked on this project in my last release, and ties in directly to the mozilla-eslint issue too. It seems like a great way to apply what I’ve learned in 1 project into another.