DPS909 0.4 Release: Week 3


This week wrapped up the 0.4 Release for my DPS909 course. In this Release, I was to make 3 larger pull requests, with larger representing contributions which were more challenging and required more effort than previous contributions. Unfortunately for this time, I was unable to finish all of my pull requests. Despite that, I was able to reflect on my mistakes and have learned things about software development that will definitely help me later on in the future.


The first issue I signed up for was the mozilla-eslint issue. I was able to fix most of my issues, cutting the original number from ~270 to 10.

What I learned here was that I should’ve spent my time better, and asked questions more. I was a bit scared to tackle this issue on when I saw the 270 errors, and made the mistake of pushing it off. When I started working on the problem, I was able to quickly cut down the number of errors to a much smaller size, which is when I had to start figuring out individual solutions for each error.

I also think I could’ve done better by asking my classmates’ questions in our Slack channel, where we were all working on this issue together (but fixing issues in different directories).

In the end, I think this was a great chance to work on a large and prestigious project like Firefox, as well learn a lot, and I’m feeling a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t fully take advantage of this opportunity presented to me.


The second issue I tried to work on was adding ESLint to this project. I decided to work on this since it was something that we had covered in class (going over the Prettier project). I also thought it would be a good way to incorporate what I (would have) learned in the Mozilla issue and use that knowledge to fix something else. I have started working on this issue, but have run into trouble configuring ESLint in the project. I am still working on it.


To conclude, I think I dropped the ball a bit on this final release, with some poor time management and lacking a bit of initiative. I think this could have gone much better if I put in a bit more effort like the previous releases.