DPS909 Release 0.3 Reflection

Last week I wrapped up my DPS909 0.3 release, where I contributed 3 more pull requests over the course of 3 weeks.

deepanjali19/GitHub-Dashboard — Add CONTIBRUTING.md

In this first pull request, I added a new file of documentation for the GitHub-Dashboard. I created the CONTRIBUTING.md file, which contained information for potential new contributors to get started with building the project, and get an understanding of how to go about finding issues to work on.

Compared to my Hacktoberfest PR where I worked on documentation, this time around I had to do more thinking about what kind of information I should include in the document, whereas earlier I knew exactly what needed to be changed.

redditdota/match-tracker — Add “stop” function

In this pull request, I returned to an external project that I had contributed to already. Previously I updated json-like files in it to make it more up-to-date with today’s standards.

This time I added a new function to allow the bot to receive a “stop” message, and terminate the corresponding thread/process, and remove it from a list. I had very minimal experience with Python before this, having only done a basic tutorial or two, and no real projects. I did a lot of research and troubleshooting to get this project to work (including coming to the realization that it did not work on Windows, and made a Ubuntu bootable USB). I was able to come up with a solution by studying other parts of the code and looking up help online for Python issues.

yevseytsev/SenecaBlackboardExtension — Fixed manifest.json and hid some elements

In my final pull request I worked on another internal project made by my DPS909 classmates. This project is a browser extension to improve Seneca’s Blackboard site. It aims to mainly remove elements that are obtrusive and unused, and add links to useful pages.

What I did was remove 3 elements that were deemed fairly useless:

  • A module that contains a link to student email (there were 2 other links to on the same page, and took up less space)
  • A module called “My Organizations Plus” that I had personally never used, and I doubt any of my peers had used it either
  • A note above courses saying that only activated courses will appear (which is fairly obvious)

I was able to make some contributions to this JavaScript project. I had been eager to work with web technologies at the start of this course, but had not done much. I was able to gain some experience in that field.


This marks the end of my 0.3 release. Over the next few weeks I will be working on my 0.4 release where I will make 3 more pull requests. Since I worked on 2 internal / 1 external projects this time, I will switch it around and work on 1 internal / 2 external for the next release.