DPS909 Release 0.3: Week 2

Jagmeet Bhamber
Nov 13, 2018 · 2 min read

This week I continued work on my 0.3 release for DPS909. I don’t have much to write this week around, as I have started work on some pull requests but haven’t submitted any yet. I have decided on the projects I want to work on, and some of the issues I have in mind.


This is one of the in-house Seneca projects which I must work on. This project is a React website that will present a GitHub user with a dashboard upon logging in that shows them useful info about their profiles: starred projects, watched projects, all issues and pull requests related to the user (submitted by, commented in, mentioned in). Our group was a bit slow to start, but we have a simple working React page now which we can start to continue adding features to. Right now I am working on adding a CONTRIBUTING.md file for the project, and would like to work on the coding side of the project too either for this release or the next.


This is a project that I have used personally for a long time and contributed to during Hacktoberfest. There is a stop feature I have in mind that can be added to kill an existing thread. Right now the only way to stop a thread once it has started to is to force-kill the bot. I started working on this problem a while ago, and realized that this bot does not work on Windows. So to make changes and run it locally I would need a UNIX-based system.
I downloaded Ubuntu and then made a bootable Ubuntu USB (with persistent storage) to be able to do this, and am planning to work more on this issue this week.


That is all I have to share for this week’s progress, I aim to have pull requests up by Friday where I will have more work done.

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