This week wrapped up the 0.4 Release for my DPS909 course. In this Release, I was to make 3 larger pull requests, with larger representing contributions which were more challenging and required more effort than previous contributions. Unfortunately for this time, I was unable to finish all of my pull requests. Despite that, I was able to reflect on my mistakes and have learned things about software development that will definitely help me later on in the future.


The first issue I signed up for was the mozilla-eslint issue. …

This week I progressed on my 0.4 Release for DPS909. I spent most of my time working on the mozilla-eslint issue, and also found an issue to work on in GitHub-Dashboard. I was also busy with other things, which limited the amount of time I had to work on my Release.


I continued working on the ESLint issues. I have figured out how most of the process should go.

  • 1 commit for automatic ESLint fixes
  • 1 commit for manual ESLint fixes
  • Use moz-phab to make my “pull request”

I am still working on manual fixes, but have made progress. Originally…

After finishing my 0.3 Release for my DPS909 course, I am now moving on to the 0.4 Release. The premise is almost exactly the same (make 3 contributions to both outside and peers’ projects), but I will try to grow and make bigger contributions and learn more.

As I did 2 contribution in classmates’ projects and 1 in an existing repo last time, I will do the reverse for the 0.4 release: 2 in existing and 1 in a classmate’s.


One project that I have started working on mozilla-eslint. In this project, me and some other DPS909 students are working…

Last week I wrapped up my DPS909 0.3 release, where I contributed 3 more pull requests over the course of 3 weeks.

deepanjali19/GitHub-Dashboard — Add

In this first pull request, I added a new file of documentation for the GitHub-Dashboard. I created the file, which contained information for potential new contributors to get started with building the project, and get an understanding of how to go about finding issues to work on.

Compared to my Hacktoberfest PR where I worked on documentation, this time around I had to do more thinking about what kind of information I should include in the document…

This week I continued work on my 0.3 release for DPS909. I don’t have much to write this week around, as I have started work on some pull requests but haven’t submitted any yet. I have decided on the projects I want to work on, and some of the issues I have in mind.


This is one of the in-house Seneca projects which I must work on. This project is a React website that will present a GitHub user with a dashboard upon logging in that shows them useful info about their profiles: starred projects, watched projects, all issues and…

After finishing Hacktoberfest, I am moving onto the 0.3 release in my DPS909 course. Last month I made 5 PRs to open source projects. Over the next 3 weeks, I’ll be mostly doing the same, but these ones will be a bit larger and more significant.

I will submit 3 pull requests to repo’s that fall into the following 2 categories:

  • An existing open-source project on GitHub, preferably one that I contributed to during Hacktoberfest
  • A project created by my DPS909 classmates.

I will submit 1 PR to a project falling in 1 category, and 2 PRs to a project…

This marks the end of my Hacktoberfest journey. Hacktoberfest is an annual month-long event organized by DigitalOcean, GitHub, and twilio to get more people involved with open-source. Anyone who makes 5 pull requests in the month of October will receive a free t-shirt at the end.

As part of my DPS909 (Topics in Open Source Development) course at Seneca College, my professor assigned us Hacktoberfest as our assignment; we were to contribute and make 5 pull requests. We (students) needed to find projects on our own but were free to help each other as much as possible. …

Once again I contributed to Angular/Material

This week I submitted my 5th and final for Hacktoberfest. Once again I worked on angular/material. I worked on this project 2 weeks ago as well. This time I updated docs, which is something I had not done so far this month.

The Issue

docs(pull-requests): add link to GitHub’s Amending older or multiple commit messages Guide

This issue was created by one of the project maintainers and was requesting someone to update their to add info about using git’s -- amend feature to update commits in pull requests after receiving feedback.

This project is fairly strict about how contributors must format…

Hacktoberfest continues!


This week I made my 4th of 5 pull requests for Hacktoberfest. Last week I worked on angular/material, and this time I decided to return to something familiar and contributed to redditdota/match-tracker.

This is very much related to my first pull request in redditdota/subredditcss, where I added logo images as well as CSS to be able to use those images.

The Issue

There is a Python bot that is used to provide live updates of ongoing tournament games. It accesses the game’s API to pull data about an ongoing match, and converts that data into a readable table. Here is an example…

This week I worked on AngularJS Material


This week I worked on my 3rd pull request for the month-long Hacktoberfest event. Last week I worked on odota/web, and this week I decided to try something different. I contributed to angular/material.

Now what exactly is AngularJS Material? I think the introduction on their site describes it best:

AngularJS Material is both a UI Component framework and a reference implementation of Google’s Material Design Specification. This project provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on Material Design.

It implement’s Google’s Material Design for AngularJS (it should be noted that I worked on the AngularJS version…

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