Top 5 Free Online Notepad, No login required.

Jul 10 · 3 min read

Make quick notes with these 5 free online notepad apps. No login required.

If you are among those who like to write anything in the form of text, it is mandatory to try these 5 best free online notepads, because there are some features in Notepad that are the advantages and the plus points of Notepad are no need to register or login, no need to install any software, only with internet access and a web browser, you can write notes quickly using notepad and can be saved / downloaded in the form of a .txt on your device, whatever the operating system, let’s look at the list:

  1. YoosFuhl Notepad
Notepad —

This is the easiest to use free online notepad, filled with features such as open, save, save as, edit, zoom-in, zoom-out, print, share and more. with a user friendly look you will definitely like this notepad online.

In addition, also has many online tools that are useful for students, workers, graphic design, web masters and others, please check directly on the website.

2. aNotepad

aNotepad is an online notepad that can store notes even if you don’t log in, your notes are stored in your browser cookies. Another advantage is Rich-Text Editor and others.

3. Shrib

simple and fast, that’s what happens when opening online notepad, with auto-save, you can continue your writing in notepad, but of course the same link, for example like this link.

4. JustNotepad

This very cool feature in online notepad is that you can create a temporary link that contains your writing in notepad, so you can continue the writing and be protected with an 8 digit password. But do not lose the password to access your notepad. E.G. Open this link and the password are “12345678”

5. iTextPad

This is the last list for online notepad, which is the website address The feature for users is that it can lock your notepad with the Lock key, print, send via e-mail feature, share links via e-mail, download the .txt file and can create a url address to open on another device by giving the name My Url as in this link.

Conclusion: Online notepad is very useful especially for writing text on any device, anywhere as long as there is an internet network and web browser available to access the online notepad website. Suitable for those of you who like to write notes.

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