Overall, regarding front end javascript frameworks/libraries, the week was interesting. Each were very clear in their development, in regards to which “problem” they wanted to solve and how they wanted to go about it. The two libraries were very succinct and dynamic. More time could have been spent on React though. It feels that we just sort of glazed over it. I’d suggest if you have a spare day to throw into the schedule, you should perhaps build an app that uses both Backbone and React to perhaps show off their clout within the javascript framework/library paradigm. It’s very difficult to compare the three because none of them really address the exact same problem in the exact same problem so it’s like comparing the skin of a banana to the skin of an orange.

I feel that a large portion of the class (including myself) will be drawn to angular, just because it’s an actual framework as opposed to a library and provides an inclusive full circle overview of ALL the problems it’s a addressing and ALL the means in which it’s rectifying those problems. For myself I’m interested in investigating Ember and Meteor.

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