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Is going “Digital” always the best way out to our problems?

Challenging the digital-panacea belief

Challenging the digital-panacea belief

I have a background in User Experience Design, and I came across service design while I was going through the rigmarole of corporate world. My previous experience of work had a user-centric approach to design and problem solving, but solutions were always digital in nature, irrespective of the nature of the problem. I was fine with that until, I faced a situation where an efficient solution was to re-design a tangible information source, rather than making a change to the website.

Digital Technology

With the advent of digital technology, there are myriad ways of interacting with services and creating value; it has remodelled the way services are co-created by the customers and the provider.

Standardisation of interactions

The addition of new channels has led to the growth of multi-channel service systems. How customers interacts with channels? To access the services; now customers have the possibility of complementing or substituting these channels as per their need and context. For example, taking a loan from a bank, a customer can combine two channels like reading about it online and calling the customer service or substitute all other channels by communicating in-person with a bank officer.

Let’s ruminate

The growth of digital technology in services will shape face-to-face interaction and in turn, will also shape the service experiences offered. These days, my head revolves around these puzzles, whenever I reflect about the essence of innovation in services.

Looking forward

To explore the possibilities of design interventions that can bring more understanding in the space of digital technology and face-to-face interaction in services.

Written by

Service Designer at FloridaBlue.

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