Making Aphorisms

Jagriti Kumar
2 min readSep 2, 2016

This was the intriguing experience of capturing story, emotion and imaginary in an abstract form through words. A set of one liner concise sentences generally expressing a deeper meaning i.e Aphorisms, this exercise was exhilarating, it helped me move away from the service design world but at the same time stay creative.

It gives a bittersweet feeling in the right doses, one can take a break from daily work and make these with friends, it’s a good creative exercise.

Bitter: when you are trying hard to bring imagery at the same time want to keep it concise; Sweet: when you feel proud at the same time you express a lot in a sentence.

P.S I enjoyed doing this even after my accident, while I was going through recovery from a surgery. The friend who enjoyed this exercise with me Nitish Kumar Meena.

Few of mine:

1. All of us long for connection and all of us long for solitude.

2. Thinking is the enemy of doodling.

3. In order to know, we must embrace the unknown.

4. Thinking hot and cool is a game for the wise and the fool.

5. I can’t decide which is unhealthier, a day of dreaming or a day of not dreaming.

6. Everyday: Go home, get drinks, watch tv, get up, come to work and do it all over. But better.

7. Last night coffee was awesome, so was the insomnia.

8. To move forward, limit yourself to present.

9. The goal of a comedian is to endlessly amuse oneself.

10. Sometimes you are the light of the winter, sometimes you are the shadow of the summer.

11. If you fail or find out that you don’t like something, then you just got closer to finding out what you’re truly meant for.

12. Being sober is the worst hangover.

13. Overnight success takes a lifetime.

14. One seed falls, one tree grows.

15. I love this photograph; I’m going to publish it without giving credit! — The Internet.

16. Sitting on the edge of a rock, surrounded by the white majestic mountains, you can feel the wind making waves with your hair and the drizzle washing away any sorrow from your eyes. It’s one of those moment when all you want is solitude. It makes you feel calm. The only feeling which is hindering this moment is the fear of losing this beautiful conversation you’re having with yourself if you move. You try hard to stay in the moment. You try to find the answer of why you’re enjoying this moment. And that’s when you realize the value of a pause, and the value of silence.

17. We know that scars tell stories, but now history can be erased with plastic surgery.

18. I have never been sassy with you, she said with sassiness.

19. My mind is a Jenga, so full of things, if you want me to share, you must pull one to start.

20. Beer, the mankind best invention, can help you destress, be more creative and piss someone off.

21. Window — like us, reflects what’s outside and reveals what’s inside.

Happy writing!