SEO hacks on how to increase your website traffic in 2018

There are so many articles and blog on SEO growth hacking techniques for scaling your business and increase your website traffic and they all are tried and tested strategies for sure. We all are business people and nobody wants to follow the stereotypes and wait for years to achieve their goals. Being a hustler and an Entrepreneur, even I don’t want to follow the slower version.

Staying on top of SEO and using techniques that can increase your website traffic takes a lot of research and experiments. The algorithms of google are constantly updated so it’s very important to stay tuned. You’ll get more visibility,once your website begins to rank in the first pages of Google’s SERP . This means the more the traffic, the more conversions, and eventually, increased revenue and return on investment.

Though success isn’t a one day achievement but there are certain tips that I am going to share with you to help you grow your business and traffic really fast.

#1 Inbound Linking:

When I am talking about inbound linking, it’s actually internal linking of your pages that is a must if you really wish to have a good On-page SEO. You can Always find Certain SEO keywords where you can interlink your web pages with each other.

This step is really going to boost the performance of your website. Like, if I am telling you about SEO on-page internal linking, I can link it with my SEO service page where I actually provide SEO optimization service to my clients on . You need to understand the importance of creating links within your web pointing inner pages.

Similarly, you should link your blog posts which is relevant to your homepage or service page or any other relevant page. Mind it when I am suggesting relevant otherwise someway or the other you are actually spamming and decreasing your website reputation.

Try it! And see the pros of inbound linking. It will definitely increase your website traffic.

#2 Do the SEO audit on your website pages:

Auditing your website traffic is really important if you want a clear overview of your search traffic and conversion rates.

Auditing is done basically to find out your flaws or your current situation and what else can you do to improve your position. Auditing is one of the major growth hacking technique to attract more clients to our page.

Most of the websites don’t give a damn about their title tags, meta tags and other on-page descriptions. And Such sites miserably fails!! Also provide your focus keywords in your image’s Alt tags.

You should keep a check on your website title tag, meta tag description and also your focus keyword. Your page should be SEO keyword optimised without over stuffing and spamming the keywords.

Also, your webpage URL should be taken sincerely because URL which is simple and clear is most Search engine friendly. Avoid using capital letters in your URLs and try putting hyphens in between your URLs.

Also, try using target keywords in your URLs. This helps google or any other search engine to read your url and provide the user with relevant content and increase your website traffic.

#3 Blogging and mutual guest blogging:

Here is the best tip for improving your webpage and eventually increase your website traffic. If you haven’t started blogging yet, you are already lagging behind. Now, you need to understand the importance of blogging. There are certain sites like where you can create your own blog page and gain traffic for your website.

You are creative and you know it very well. So,why don’t you create something uniquely. If you are actually providing a great content you are definitely going to gain a lot of readers who will surely reach out to you.

Once you publish your blog, you only have to go for outbound linking and link the relevant content to your webpage. Let them know about your company and how you can be of great help to them if they need any.

Now, what to do you think of guest blogging?

You definitely need to find out people who are in the same business field as you and then it’s a mutual help you see!!

If you really wish to increase your website traffic, guest blogging is a great option. But only if you communicate with them and reach out to them for a guest post or a backlink.

There are entrepreneurs and influencers who can agree to do some mutual guest postings.

There are certain email templates for reaching out to them but then, its not necessarily a yes! Keep searching such groups for reaching out for your website or blog page. It will surely help you with backlinking.

Not only this, but also such network of people with similar vision can always help you if you are stuck somewhere.

#4 Multimedia to improve content quality and Outbound Linking:

You should prefer using great quality images and videos to improve the content quality on your webpage. With a little focus on use of keywords in your title, domain or sub-domain, headings, you can optimize your on-page effectively.

Quality infographics can increase your website traffic by 193% or more. Search users and consumers prefer info-graphics because it is much easier for a brain to understand and hence human brain can process the data much faster than plain text.

For that, you need your stats that is, the topic which is most searched. Also in order to make your infographics really catchy to your eyes, youcan use certain tools such as Canva or venngage. Once you are done with making your infographics, try to use it and write a good content of not less than 2,000 words as a blog. But with images and videos, you improve your SEO. The anchor Tags and alt tags should also be optimised while putting in relevant images on your webpage content.

You can also try out podcasts, or creating a video with a transcription that can explain your videos or podcast a little with around 300 to 400 words write-up.


There are many more tips and growth hacks that can bring in or I must sat increase your website traffic.You can also go for all other ranking factors in order to boost your rank online as they are equally important.

You also need too keep a track on the content quality, relevancy and webpage coding so that your efforts don’t go to waste.

It’s applicable to all the startups as well as entrepreneurs.

Enjoy you improvement in natural traffic or what we call as organic traffic with these hacks.

I’ll be back soon. Take care!!