Agai Bai — I am imagining what could be your tone 😅 Lol
Abhishek Labhe

add gujju accent in the aga bai lol ani visru nakos 80% midale hote marathit.

wow nice to know your fort story but no we didnt make it

who had best foreworks was always the competition n then convincing dad to buy more. me n my sis used to divide fireworks n see how many to burst each day lol. after few years i stopped fireworks due to pollutions. i definitely wanna ban holi. the oppurtunists dont leave a chance to touch a girl the wrong way i stopped playing it long back. thank god here we dont have to face such problem during holi n no risk of water balloons.

damn i enjoyed cleaning thw house the only time i was allowed to get dirty in the mud lol.

i used to mess up rangolis lol

who has the best lantern in the building was another competition new clothes n every thing as the day after diwali is gujju new year.

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