Agai Bai — I am imagining what could be your tone 😅 Lol
Abhishek Labhe

i feel fuljadi is enough or small fireworks just for kids to enjoy. for adults lanterns n diyas r enough.

our generation was the last to enjoy diwali to the fullest with 30 days off. this new generation won’t know the fun at all. we got lucky.

enjoy the mithais. n happy diwali bhao

and the powder we used to bath on kali chaudas called ubtan that would make us beautiful for the rest of the year lol. ubtan is from marathis. i wish i could get it here . i like its medicinal properties.

then gujjus taking wadas in the middle of four roads. lol if you stepped on the wadas the evil of other person will entee your house lmao

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