Bye Bye, America
umair haque

This may seem unlikely but… this is the moment when lovely Americans woke up and realised that the monsters had gone from shadows to actuals.

The fact that you’ve written what you’ve written shows that what looks like The End is just a set-up for a sequel (so far, so Hollywood).

Think of it as the fall (both meanings) moving into winter. What follows will be the spring. The spring is on its way as evidenced all over social media, locally and nationally. The Resistance is real — locally, longshot election successes, nationally, rallies and town halls. The Republicans are now hiding in bushes rather than answer awkward questions like “why are you so spineless?”

The conversation is deep and wide. Somehow, re-engagement needs to happen, starting with ‘voter suppression’ dirty politics. Representatives need to remember, or be forcefully reminded, what the word ‘representative’ actually means. Stop district gerrymandering, through the courts, which is slowly happening.

It’s a ‘ground up’ rebuild; it’s going to take time but it’ll be worth. Once the mass has momentum, then the deficiencies of the Presidential selection processes can be addressed — why is there still an Electoral College? Candidates keep winning the national vote but not becoming President. How possible?

Also, and this is the big one, more checks and balances need to be set up. The Swamp Alligstors have proved conclusively that all kinds of abuse and corruption are soooo easy to commit but sooo hard to stop.

Maybe, also, the Presidential hiring system should be abolished. It’s a nonsense that you can (eventually) impeach the incumbent but not remove the team altogether under certain circumstances. I mean, Pence is a sensible replacement? And why is Sessions? Not anything particular but just ‘why’.

Whew. Now the USA can start the essential infrastructure replacement that’s the foundation of all wealth..

Meanwhile, good luck, the western world’s on your side. We need you back where you belong.

Full disclosure: I’m a UK citizen. We have all the same problems but formatted differently. Plus, we’ve resigned from the biggest trading club in the world…